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Dealbreaker. 🙅🏻‍♀️
🚧 EVERY 1st WEDNESDAY @ 9🚧 — get your 🎫🎫 via link in bio. — #yellowtapetrivia 
Has anyone see this exhibit at the Smithsonian in DC? NYT recently featured it. — Frances Glessner Lee created real crime scenes in miniature dioramas — they were used for training police investigators, but are also revered for their artistic detail. — Exhibit closes January 28,2018! Can I zip down to DC in the next two weeks? 🤔 — #yellowtape  #yellowtapetrivia  #truecrime  #truexrimetriviashow 
May the patron saints of SVU bless you this Wednesday. 🙏🏼 — This was by far my favorite slide from last week’s show. The category was: SVU DEJA VU: true crimes that were depicted on law and order SVU. #yellowtape  #yellowtapetrivia  #truecrime 
Great and simple to follow safety tip I picked up on @momsandmurder podcast today. If you want to wander aimlessly, bring a buddy! 👭 — What are some of your easy to employ safety tips? ⚠️ — #yellowtape  #yellowtapetrivia  #truecrime 
Joran Van der Sluts - Jon Benet’s Brother - DeeDee & Gypsies - Just a sampling of last nights beyond hilarious + creative team names!
⚠️ NEW YEAR, NEW SHOW. ⚠️ Out your ear muffs on and meet me at QED for 5 rounds of true crime trivia! 9pm tonight - tickets via link or grab them at the door. #yellowtape  #yellowtapetrivia 
Was reminded of this pearl of wisdom from @myfavoritemurder as We head out of NYC, over the river and through the WOODS, to mother in law’s house we go! 😲 — Hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS! — Next YELLOW TAPE show is January 3, 2018: stay tuned for the details! — Artists: @lauren.florence @theletterzine
True crime has become an entertainment of sorts- something like a hobby. I understand the intrigue and appeal, but have to remind myself that these are real people — the criminals, the victims, the survivors— they’re all actual humans. __ __ When I started YELLOW TAPE: a true crime trivia show, I knew I wanted to “redeem” the tragedies we would discuss by donating to worthwhile causes and organizations. — — After each show, I donate a portion of the show’s proceeds to @innocenceproject on the winning team’s behalf. Yes we have fun, but we also remember how many lives are impacted by violent crimes. — — Congratulations to Erin + Kelly — our December winners! A donation was made in your name. 🌟🌟🌟
Wednesday night’s winning team ( Folie á Deux) had more than one perfect round — well deserved win, and a donation in their name will be made to the Innocence Project. — Congrats to erin + Kelly! — #yellowtape  #yellowtapetrivia 
Conveniently located in Manhattan✔️ - Come right after work✔️ - Bring your true crime loving pals ✔️ - Buy your tickets via the link ✔️ - #pittheatre  #yellowtape  #yellowtapetrivia 
They came. They saw. They trivia-ed. // Thank you to each and every true crime loving badass who came out last night— what a great show! // #yellowtape  #yellowtapetrivia 
So proud (slightly embarrassed) to announce that last night @gotokell and I WON @yellowtape_truecrime 🔪trivia! We got 24/25 answers correct and that one wrong answer will HAUNT me the rest of my days. #yellowtapetrivia  #ssdgm 
Great news guys — Yellow Tape is back at QED Astoria tonight, and tickets to my show are a hell of a lot easier to get than Hamilton! ( link to $5 tix) #yellowtape  #yellowtapetrivia