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Back at the beginning of December I had mentioned that I was enjoying listening to podcasts and wanted to make a post about them. Well here it finally is! Simply put, I got into these podcasts because I have “a real interest in real crime and the minds that solve these crimes” as Lisa Zambetti from Real Crime Profile would say. It all started when I saw a video from @makeupbytiffanyd talking about Dirty John and then I was hooked and kept listening to any suggested podcasts. My favourite one is Real Crime Profile because they put the emphasis on the victims of these crimes and not the killers; they give the victims their voices back and that is truly a fantastic point of view. All the podcasts illustrated above are great and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has an interest in real crime. Have you listened to any interesting podcasts? Disclaimer: I do not own any of theses photos.
Haven’t gotten enough of #DirtyJohn ? Check out this live interview with the people involved in this real life story. Also, hear from John’s first wife and children and about other women who dated him.
I’m currently binge listening to #dirtyjohn . I’ve only recently started listening to podcast and am loving exploring the many, many, many great poddies. This was a recommendation of @leigh_sales and @annabelcrabb during one of their #chat10looks3  episodes (ok, maybe it was recommended more than once 😂). It’s a true crime story told over six episodes. I’m currently on episode five.... things are getting tense. I highly recommend checking it out.
If you have not listened to this podcast?????????? Absolutely fucking listen to this shittttttt! Holy mother of god! What a disaster story that literally had me on the edge of my seat for about 4 hours! #dirtyjohnpodcast  #dirtyjohn  😳🔪
NEW EPISODE ALERT! 🚨😁 Listen to us count down our top things of 2017 PLUS an interview with James Markert! Link in bio. @jamesmarkert74
Having a wild Friday night in on the couch, and I’m not mad at it. If you’re living that PJ life like me, this look is currently over on the blog, and I think you should give it a peek. Also, did anyone see Dateline tonight? Holy bananas sandwich, #DirtyJohn . Yikes! #liketkit
My Friday Night Date with @dateline... i live for Friday's!!!
When you’ve been waiting all day for #Dateline  and it’s only 7:25pm #cry  #why  #keithmorris  #westcoast  #dirtyjohn #frenchie #frenchies #frenchiegram #frenchielove #frenchbulldog #dog #dogs #ilovemydog #bestfriend