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Images at Spreckels Theater Building

In the San Diego Comic Con Offices, nice view!!
At the Comic Con International offices today. This is an original Star Wars teaser poster. This was made before they changed the look of the “w” in Star Wars.
A date with Sarah watching Paul Taylor Dance hosted by La Jolla Music Society. 👩‍❤️‍👩
Past few days I’ve gotten to work at one of my favorite theaters here, Spreckles. I love learning SD theater history. This morning I woke up with songs from music I listened to over 20 years ago in high school. Jeez! Over 20 years, time flies. Thankfully Spotify has the album so there’s no guessing what I’m jammin today. Much love and light to all!
My Laa nigga was hungry 💯❤️
There’s nothing more wonderful than visiting the theater to watch the @paultaylordancecompany perform. Unfortunately, the old theater seat odor was quite the distraction. Perhaps the seats at the old #sprecklestheatersd  need to be reupholstered. The quality of this historic theater would really improve if there was a strong effort to remove the old theater seat odor. #theaterreview  #sprecklestheatresandiego  #sandiegoevents  #sandiego  #travelblogger #travelersnotebook #moderndance #theater
Thank you, Spreckels! We thoroughly enjoyed it here😊
So wonderful to see @paultaylordancecompany perform and a special treat to finally see Cloven Kingdom! Congratulations dancers on your beautiful work tonight!!