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Yet here you are!! 😂Whiny liberals are the worst. TAG someone who needs this shirt 🇺🇸 #maga  #makeamericagreatagain  #gunrights  #guns  #gunsdaily  #gunsofinstagram #conservative #liberalssuck #liberaltears #2ndamendment #righttobeararms #trump #donaldtrump


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  9. Damn you guys still posting after the Clinton shit got old you ran out of material and gave up this page is garbage now

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  33. Got That Right!


  35. That rifle is made for killing people and no other purpose. If it comes down to it and you get to use it the way you want to, are you comfortable killing other Americans with it? People perhaps like me? People whose families have been here since the 1600s? People who have lineage to families that consistently kept going to the frontier and expanding our United States, fought against England, people whose families fought for the Union? People who would rather listen to and make compromises with someone who has a different opinion than you?

  36. What an idiot

  37. I'm not a troll. I'm someone looking for a respectful and intelligent response.

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  44. The shirt has an m-16 on it, real gun expert here

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  49. Anyone know what kind of sight that is? It looks kinda like a red dot but it also...doesn’t.

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  53. As a Brit in a country with virtually no gun deaths I have to say this is entirely wrong minded.

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  57. Patrick Wakeman