an Instagram web viewer


  1. @builtbyjimpowers how much would something like that run?

  2. Only one winch??

  3. @slackin89 you only need one

  4. @slackin89 yes

  5. @ja.son4259 yes 24 foot body

  6. @galiototowing $33k

  7. @joe_hulahan I'm interested in how well they perform but only one winch doesn't seem like it would work to well. No one has videos of these showing how they work or are to be used

  8. @slackin89 winch first car strap lift, then load second car winch strap. Easy when you think about it

  9. @mahon_irl I'll look into it more this would be killer for what we do but haven't seen any around that I could look at and ask questions about

  10. Let’s see more of that knee boom

  11. @slackin89 probably be great for transport or quick city stuff

  12. @fueledandspooled6_4 come see it in person, lol.

  13. @mahon_irl @slackin89 yes, what he said. Upper deck works best for drivable cars. I have sold a few of these. Customers very happy. Great for lease returns & dealer delivery. Salvage would take some extra effort

  14. @builtbyjimpowers you don’t work on sundays lol

  15. Does it glow in the dark?

  16. @mudd67 it might, lol

  17. @fueledandspooled6_4 neither do you.