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It’s time that all women encourage even our young girls to “Love Thy Self”! If it doesn’t feel right, it ain’t right,so don’t be silent. Please know it’s ok to report him or them so there will not be a reason in the future to have to say #metoo ❤️ because you told someone. It will take a community to teach ourselves and other women, young and seasoned to NOT BE SILENT anymore. You have a village of women to support you❤️!!!!!!!!Repost from @meperiod using @RepostRegramApp - (Swipe) Teaching our girls about Self Love and Self Confidence isn’t an option......IT’S necessary!!!! Hats on the website right now!!! Click the link in our bio! . . #meperiod  #selflove  #selfmotivation  #selfdetermination  #teamdrjackie #marriedtomed #married2med #Dr.Jackie #bravotv #fitni #fitisthenewit #openandhonestradio #truth #50shadesofpinkfoundation #breastcancerawareness #cwobgyn #womenshealth #womendoctors #jmwentertainment #ebonicummings


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  2. Love this! 😍😍

  3. Hey Jackie I sent u a picture of me in my ME. hat that I won when you went live on IG.@therealdrjackie

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  7. Thanks @therealdrjackie. This sounds like an amazing, timely and worthwhile initiative. But isn’t it equally that we educate our boys as well to take care of themselves and to respect themselves so that they also know how to respect girls and women?

  8. @therealdrjackie you are such a strong, educated, and beautiful woman. I appreciate you for showing us the proper way to handle any situation. I hope one day I can embody some of those great characteristics you exhibited. Thank you for being a role model to a woman like me even though I don’t know you. Many blessings will come to you.