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  1. @toyabushharris love u and Eugene strong couple

  2. She needs to be working point blank

  3. @fullyblessedwhitlock bullshit, she's a wife and most important a mother, that's her job dumb ass

  4. @fullyblessedwhitlock if she wants to spend as much as she does she needs to contribute. Where is his family? I’m surprise they haven’t chimed in on this

  5. @fullyblessedwhitlock she is working. The show is her Job and a source of Income for them on top of fulltime mummy and wife. It easier for us to say things like this when we are not walking in their shoes.

  6. I wish they had a better story line besides their Financial and her feeling like they aren’t having sex enough for her.

  7. She's already working a stay at home mom, spending more time with their kids, making sure their kids are getting all the love and care they need, what's wrong with being a housewife, Her hubby is not complaining why worry?

  8. @fullyblessedwhitlock im just wondering why you counting their money? 🧐 a lot of families choose the traditional route. They are doing what works best for THEM! Don’t hate that she gets to kick her feet up while you “scruggle” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 y’all be too worried about other people’s marriage

  9. @ikanyengmatshela exactly!

  10. Dang that mojito looks good

  11. @just_my_family4ever and she is doing a awesome job as a wife stay at home mom.

  12. @fullyblessedwhitlock she's fully employed. She's a full-time wife and mother, and she's doing a great job. We must learn to give credit where credit is due, and STOP being quick to cast judgement. It is working for her, May NOT work for you, but that doesn't mean she's pulling her weight!!!! #excellentcaregiver

  13. Love this couple!

  14. Such a nice guy. Cute too. Both of you 🤗

  15. @lifeisshortsodontwasteit she needs to be home with her sons

  16. Best couple on the show! Toya does not get enough credit at all!

  17. I used to luv these but last night watching had me thinking Eugene is like the opposite side. He looked like he played his part well but something had me like 🤔🤔🤔

  18. I'm so proud of Mrs. Toys and her growth. Keep up the good work and get ready for the job offer coming soon.

  19. Ya mamee bitch stay off my page for I kill you

  20. I love this couple and they are so funny.

  21. They are so cute I love them two

  22. @just_my_family4ever well if that is the case she needs to remember why he’s working so hard and doesn’t come home all the time because of the image she is trying to live but I will say this season she is getting better with the reality of life or at least I hope she is

  23. I love these two. The bestest on the show

  24. Eugene😍 Eugene😄 Come Thru Boo Boo!😀

  25. @toyabushharris @docgene_nomadmd ....The absolute best couple! The real💯! Main reason I watch! Good Luck on everything that crosses your path in 2018!!


  27. I love you two together!

  28. @docgene you better start giving @toyabushharris some loving before somebody else notice and gives her attention and next thing you know it just happened 😀 I want you’ll to stay together

  29. I'm so glad your taxes are paid off and your hubby doesn't have to work that hard anymore @toyabushharris ... love the romantic set-up you had and I laughed at the little giggles your husband was doing when he saw you in that lingerie ... he knew he was getting some yummy...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. @aliciapeacock21 Stop Hating...They Look Find And Happy Then Most

  31. @aliciapeacock21 no shade but I said the same thing

  32. Yall Have A Dope Marriage Love It

  33. @toyabushharris , why can't we see more happy scenes like this, you guys look sooooo happy and in love. I love my black professional families. #blackprofessionalhappyfamiliesdo exist

  34. Just watched you and Eugene in the bedroom scene. Had me on the floor with laughter😂😂 U2 are so funny what a beautiful couple love you guys. Big ❤️ from Toronto 🇨🇦

  35. We need ms renee to keep looking at the show without her they to not like black women ok

  36. @aliciapeacock21 agreed, Toya gets on my nerves

  37. Toys you rock!!!

  38. She's my favorite! @toyabushharris

  39. Love you two..

  40. This marriage is over she can't shut her big mouth about her marriage

  41. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

  42. Love this crazy 2

  43. @aliciapeacock21 and loose some weight. I think that maybe the problem. Look at her cellulite

  44. Am I the only one that can see this man is gay as day. He don't even sleep with her. He is feminine. I mean wake up this not marriage is gay best friendship

  45. My favorite couple

  46. Love these two

  47. I loooooove ya @toyabushharris i live for #MTM

  48. @toyabushharris this is real here

  49. @ibeensaidthat I don't think he's gay. I think he doesn't care for her telling all their personal business. The man is financially stressed out. Lol

  50. @cocoa_amore this could be true but then again body language never ever lies

  51. @ibeensaidthat I observed that. He leans in towards her like a loving husband. Shes definitely infatuated with her hubby. I see love but u never know. They aren't a new couple. Plus she has more time on her hands he's the sole provider lol

  52. I love these 2#teamharris

  53. Cute couple

  54. Toya you are great on the show. You try to bring the girls together and you call them out on their bs. They accuse Miriah of not owning her mess, but they turn around and do the same thing. When you read the definition of cordial that was brilliant! Can't people see that their is something wrong with Heavenly. She has a tick in her brain. Miriah might be on a spiritual journey also. She's not perfect either. That's Heavenly excuse. Wow, you Dr's

  55. Mariah is cute and mute!! I love it.. @iluvmariah

  56. Love Toya! Quad and Heavenly need to go! Love the rest of the girls!

  57. Dr Heavenly needs to shut her horse looking face

  58. Simone, Quad, and Deviledly could go

  59. @Dr_heavenly was horrific on tonight's episode. She has blocked me for asking her about Christianity... Guess she doesnt want anyone asking her about Christ and her vile behavior...💁

  60. I wish Toya would get a damn job and help her husband with their finances their sons are in school she can work she lazy and her ass looks nasty wtf shape is that

  61. I can't stand heavenly. But I just don't understand how toya can watch her husband work 3 weeks straight and not get a job and help

  62. They have so much love for each other!! I love that about the two! They balance each other and complement each other well! That man would move mountains for his family!!

  63. @danajoyt she blocked me too. I told her somebody saw her behavior last night and decided not to go to church on Sunday if all Christians act like that. 🤔🤔🤔

  64. @beautifully.melonie she blocked me too lol

  65. @windy1913 @beautifully.melonie Just sad. I understand why people call her Hellishly now. Her behavior was quite brutish. I couldn't believe her how she behaved. 😔

  66. @windy1913 🤣🤣🤣

  67. Heavenly needs an anger management class.. something wrong with her

  68. Why is Heavenly acting so crazy she is childish as hell. I use to like her but all that talking about your momma and those bitches. Naw its time out for that it couldn't be me because we would be fighting. Too much

  69. @danajoyt she did me the same way to she blocked me. She needs help

  70. Fire Heavenly from the show her demeanour is outrageous...she is a sad excuse for a grown woman

  71. Why is Heavenly so damn loud and obnoxious! She can't be so damn aggressive with her fake a$$ apologies and expect for Mariah to be receptive to her mess! Mariah won't apologize to Heavenly because she keeps disrespecting her mother....she keep saying she's on a journey but yet keep talking about Mariah to the one person (Quad) that she knows hate her... how about Heavenly not say anything about Mariah unless she's talking to Mariah...this will cut down all of the unnecessary BS...and all of that bish mess needs to STOP too...smh... spiritual journey my a$$!

  72. Dr. Heavenly is toxic, ignorant, and a bully. I believe if we speak up about how she is such a bad person then maybe she will be removed . The show would so much better and the ladies may actually be community leaders, if they she was no longer a distraction.

  73. She need to be on the Old Bats Bad Women - she put her on something similar to the Bad Girls. And you noticed she tried to humiliate SImone’s son - what parent behave in this manner. I am really embarrassed to watch this show when my husband walks through .

  74. Toya big ass needs to get s job help her husband before the man works himself into the ground. I know she getting coins from the show BUT get a job be a help mate to her man.

  75. Dr. Heavenly is so rude, you say to a child that they were funny looking when they were Younger! Well DR.HELL you'll never make it on the cover of glamorous.

  76. @blunt_lips I agree she's so ignorant. I can't understand why the other women put up with her.

  77. I don’t get why people say @toyabushharris is so big. She looks good!! She ain’t all nasty lookin...