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  1. Love you two but ain’t Quad from Memphis where did he accent come from

  2. 😂 l can't stop laughing

  3. I luv these 2 but last bites episode got me thinking Eugene is enjoying the opposite sex too! 👀🤔

  4. I love how Toya loves her man.Im glad she not talking to him like she was a season ago. That was a HOT MESS.

  5. I love you guys !! Always 💯 Always Real❤️

  6. That's right @toyabushharris ... tell him what you want!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. @why_people_lie why you say that?

  8. Dr Heavenly is one immature women her behavior is unbelievable she acts as if she smarter then everybody and when she talk about Mariah mother she needs to be slap she also needs to grow.

  9. I love them!!! Fav couple

  10. He has a beautiful, fine, gorgeous wife and he's masturbating down stairs, something is wrong with him.

  11. @ibetonmyself hmmmm did you watch the episode? Let’s not forget he hasn’t according to her he hasn’t given her sex. But that he’s been watching lots of porn. The way he looked at her when she walked out in the outfit 👀 looks like he had no choice to go along for the camera or not to shit on her. U know you get the feeling yes gurl there’s so much we don’t see or know chald only woman husband ain’t go nowhere is @dr_heavenly she ain’t having it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. @why_people_lie lol! Imma have some reviewing to do

  13. @ibetonmyself trust me I love me some Toya and Gene but her story lines is in fact that he’s not pounding her. But that face he gave her when she walked out ooooooooou chald I was like nope he dipping.

  14. @why_people_lie girl you got me! im gonna watch it again tonight. . Imma hit you back

  15. I hope those are fresh scrubs he has on.

  16. He is GAY!! That's just facts. He's always laughing off her sexual advances, he looks nervous and uncomfortable when she's trying to love on him. He for SURE likes men, and only a fool wouldn't be able to notice these signs. What man will laugh at his women, when she's looking all good in a body suit waiting to caress him. HE'S GAY!! Idk know his situation, but he's definitely afraid to come out. Wake up Sis

  17. Toya he's GAY!! Wake up SIS. #TEA 👀