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  1. Girl you want it ruff you need a police officer

  2. WTF you going to with that 🐕 collar !! I hollered when Doc said that 😹😹😹

  3. They just seem so opposite... he seems not really attracted to her ... it's like she is trying so hard and he really isn't all in... but I could be wrong

  4. @pretty_in_ink_1202 I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING

  5. @pretty_in_ink_1202 I think he's just too conservative for her or maybe he's self conscious in front of the cameras. Idk but, he was low key pissing me off and he's not even my man.

  6. Just love Toya

  7. I hope he ain't keeping them scrubs on with work germs. Gotta wash before I freak you.😂😂

  8. @pretty_in_ink_1202 I think Eugene is into his wife. He and her make a great team. Maybe he doesn't care to have all his personal business out there. He may not be as open as Toya is.

  9. Sexy but why his shoes still on tho

  10. Ok she keep telling him what she need. He better listen or they will be next looking to break up. He act like he scared

  11. Where the hell is ms renee phoney wants to be white thats not what the show was trying to be i dont think we want real proud black women we want ms renee


  13. That's right so you do what you got to do that's why I love tour you Channel ain't nothing wrong with a little kinky

  14. Goooo Toya 👌🏾

  15. 😂😂😂😂....his question was priceless

  16. @robertapea yea maybe so

  17. @cokoroberts they socks

  18. @djackson71 lol ok