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What yall think about last night episode???? @absolutelyquad, @drsswhit, @drcontessa @dr_heavenly, @toyabushharris, @iluvmariah, @therealdrjackie, @cecilcwhit, @scottmetcalfemd, @docgene_nomadmd, @gregorylunceford, @aydinhuq, #curtisberry , #damonkimes  #marriedtomedicine  #marriedtomed  #married2med  #married2medicine #realitytv #doctors #doctorswives #bravotv #Atlanta #atl #season5 #november #quadwebblunceford #Contessametcalfe #toyabushharris #heavenlykimes #jacquelinewalters #simonewhitmore #mariahhuq #andycohen #damonkimes #cecilwhitmore #curtisberry #aydinhuq #Scottcalfe #gregorylunceford #eugeneharris #90sparty #90spartytheme #90s


  1. Heavenly seems bipolar

  2. Quad doesn’t want the ladies too forgive Mariah! I feel Quad is a user and is jealous of Mariah

  3. @autumbarnes yes! N it seems like she had some type of spell on Heavenly. Semone wanna like Mariah but because of Jackie and Quad she can't allowed herself too.

  4. @therealdrjackie I love you and @drsswhit . @toyabushharris you’re a trip and I love ya. @absolutelyquad I hope you and the hubby work things out (if you love keep fighting). @drcontessa I hope you get a better nanny and that she knows who’s boss. @iluvmariah BYE FELICIA you’re a fake and talk about everybody and you don’t own what you do 😡 @dr_heavenly you’re a piece of work 🙄 you’re the kind of person who at one time had low self esteem and was picked on as a kid but now you do the same to people. Girl get a clue and watch how you talk to people. You gone run up on the right one and get hit dead in your mouth 👊🏽

  5. I'm sick of Heavenly the devil and I'm sick of Quad who acts like her shit don't stink and like she's so much better than others.

  6. I'm over Simone the devil H. Mom f***** her up the devil definitely has mommy issues I do not understand why the devils friends haven't told her how wrong she is talking about someone's mom I have no respect for the rest of them except for Mariah Toya and Contessa

  7. Simone is a instigator, I can’t believe she acts like that in her profession. I feel bad for Mariah because she already apologized and Quad and Heavenly with her annoying ass laugh is jealous of Mariah. I often wonder about DR Simone motives ...

  8. @autumbarnes so right !

  9. @psdesigns.stl yeah she cray cray

  10. Dr. Simone is the messiest bitch in Atlanta (tho Quad is runner up). She gets away with ALOT. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  11. @jo._flo exactly! Quad and Heavenly wants too be the HBIC of the group. Quad from day one wanted too take Mariah place in the group.

  12. @tslady13 lol you take this show too serious.

  13. Love Dr.Jackie she deserves a spinoff of her own😜

  14. @tslady13 cousin you went alllll the way in!!! I’m over here cracking up! Lmbo 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. These women are getting just like he other “supposedly reality” shows. They are becoming more about the drama and not the image they are putting out there. And quad is the reason why I don’t watch @sistercircletv she is too fake

  16. @beautifully.melonie it’s like Simone has nothing going for her but creating drama among the women

  17. @keramel1977 heavenly is disgusting to me and quad is fake

  18. @autumbarnes to be honest quad, heavenly, simone and jackie think they are setting an example of sisterhood but they are the fakest women in the show and really need to stop pretending that they really have good intentions

  19. @lifeisshortsodontwasteit very.....heavenly is fake too. I almost wonder why the husband's deal with them. The only one that sincerely seems to have a real relationship with their husband is Mariah and right behind her Toya. I think Jackie was loyal to her husband, however her job means more to her than her marriage..and to me it doesn't look like she's seeing the real reason her husband cheated. NO excuse to why he did it, but in one season he begged her for her time and attention...he tried to forewarn her....she didn't see it.

  20. @keramel1977 and Contessa and her hubby seem legit too..I bet they won't be on there long because they're too real and ain't about that drama...and Carl Thomas momma gotta go!

  21. @psdesigns.stl maybe they need some other women and keep @drcontessa because she is new and we don’t know what she is bring to the table but she has to get rid of Ms Renee. Keep @iluvmariah and @toyabushharris and get rid of the rest @bravotv

  22. It’s too much going on! They women asks for forgiveness and say they forgave one another, but the bickering never ends! Every last one of them are in a position to help young ladies, but their behaviors are so disappointing! I hope it’s just for the cameras. I like Dr. Heavenly, but you get 0 chances to talk about my mom! All these educated, elite, professional, earth tone, young, and gifted people saddened me with some of their behaviors 🙏🏽

  23. @cin2181 You're so right. 1. She's an alcoholic, her and the heavenly devil. 2. She does instigate and I'd like to think her reputation of her profession would mean more to her. Quad is jealous of Mariah and I honestly think since Mariah called Quad out on who she really is, Quad can't forgive her. Toya is a yo-yo too. Anyone notice Mariah hubby hasn't been on this season? I guess he said forget it!

  24. @fuquay71 I like her but she's too boring for her own show.

  25. I posted earlier but I’ll run my thoughts again. Quad is a fraud wife - no kids yet and you stressing about dumping trash. Dethroned! Simone yes a little in-stink-gator! Contessa is cool but get rid of your nanny! Toya gives me wife goals to do better as a wife. Mariah is getting better but that was shade with a cloud. Heavenly has it all and a big mouth and she uses spirituality to mask her EVIL. Dr. Jackie is hurt. Curtis you hurt her! Simone hub was wrong. Eugene is cool! Contessa hub is cool! Heavenly hub is zaddy! And Dr G if you don’t get you a side piece and a baby! Yes, let that be the next story line, otherwise this show is getting boring.

  26. @psdesigns.stl alcoholic and controlling. 🍻🍷🍹

  27. @lifeisshortsodontwasteit she should go to heavenly devil for braces

  28. @odell9500 love the run down.. everything but dr G getting a side piece. Let him just take the trash out(Quad) for GOOD!!

  29. @lifeisshortsodontwasteit keep dr Jackie too🙏🏾

  30. @keramel1977 jackie is also shade. I couldn’t see myself asking her for advice because I would think she will talk about me behind my back. They put so much hate on Mariah but yet they really need to look at themselves! And quad I never liked from day one! She is so fake just as she is on @sistercircletv and I tried to give that show a chance

  31. @keramel1977 Every Motley Crue needs someone that's calm tho ,and reasonable :)

  32. @fuquay71 of course....

  33. Dr Simone, is a trouble Maker, not even funny, and Dr. Heavenly, not a roll model for no one...not even her own children.... How old are these women??? Such a disappointment🤤

  34. @lifeisshortsodontwasteit you're so right. I have seen Jackie throw some shade from time to time...I think she's only done that to keep a spot on the show. Yes, I tried watching that show too and just couldn't. I think her hubby is tired of how selfish she's being, won't give him a child ect...

  35. I didn't watching

  36. @mrskellyann_309 if you say so

  37. @keramel1977 but he’s back so I guess they are trying to work thru it. And like most relationships there are 2 sides

  38. @lifeisshortsodontwasteit 3. Yours, theirs and the truth

  39. Dr Contessa needs to leave Mrs Renee. She’s disrespectful. She give her too much of a say. She’s a mess

  40. Quad that moment was so fake last night with you with dr. Greg he needs to get rid of your ass you had to break down cuz you was about to go off about the money situation and you felt bad

  41. Missed it last for comments before watching

  42. "Quad, Quad , Quad is Fraud" In my Mariah voice singing with Quad when they were cool....lmao

  43. @odell9500 bravo and right on!👍👍👏👏👏

  44. @beautifully.melonie yep, yep..

  45. @keramel1977 yep, thats cus he's a grown ass man. No time for BS💩. The coolest out the bunch.

  46. I am watching just for Dr. Jackie & hubby, Toya & hubby and Dr. Simone's husbands business to get off the ground. Dr. Contessa will be interesting to watch if she chooses to stay home with the children. I can't stand Quad... her husband wants a family and she is so selfish. I remember an episode where she agreed but if she doesn't want children and he does, they need to go their separate ways.

  47. @absolutelyquad Really grown to love her - she made her lane and drives in & thru it hunni @simonewhitemore - should probably leave ALL LIQUOR alone - she’s a lot w/o it 😂@heavenlykimes is nutty but I enjoy her crazy tail (and glad she ain’t my friend!)@luvmariah her shade is epic but she just comes across as a mean girl and all the other ladies are cool people with issues like the rest of us. See ya next week 😉

  48. Love the meeting with Quad and her husband in the group

  49. @tamdeal77 and if you can't even have a good cry because all your lashes and makeup gets in the way, then you're a fake as they come. I used to like Quad too, but she's gotten to be too much.

  50. I hope I never have a doctor like dr. Heavenly is horrible

  51. Did anybody see the 2 cars that Dr Jackie’s husband drove to the house in? What does he do ?

  52. @fiftyshadesof.brown6142 I doubt she’s the same way in a professional setting

  53. Heavenly is really mean, and Quad is just a mess she needs to lay off Dr. G!

  54. @keramel1977 I thought she was going to blow out an artery trying to strain out a tear.

  55. @fiftyshadesof.brown6142 dr heavenly has the worst looking set of teeth I’ve ever seen on a dentist. Her name doesn’t go with her personality.

  56. @cin2181 I couldn’t have said it better

  57. Simone is a shit starter and hoe long is everybody not getting along with Mariah gone keep being the whole cast damn storyline that mess old

  58. @beautifully.melonie facts

  59. @realdelisa100 😂😂😂😂

  60. @cin2181 he’s a coach I believe

  61. Heavenly need to stop talking about people mother's because she would not someone to talk about her like that to her kids. Quad is I need this from my husband but what about what her husband need like a kid Quad is becoming very annoying this season she should have worn a cover up over that swim suit. So tired of hearing and seeing Toya and Eugene sex life. Luv Dr Simone Dr Jackie.

  62. I don’t know any coaches who drive those vintage cars 😀

  63. @lifeisshortsodontwasteit I tried to watch as well but I can’t but I’m a big @syleenajohnson fan!

  64. @trinaislandgirl all Dr. G want is a baby and she’s too selfish and self absorbed to give him that!

  65. Quad needs to move on with her Selfish Ass and let Dr.G get a wife who wants to have kids.....

  66. @tamdeal77 I thought it was fake as well.

  67. @cin2181 Yes. What is he doing?

  68. @heavenlybutterflykisses agreed with everything you said except liking Dr. Heavenly . I pass on her

  69. @odell9500 speak that truth !

  70. @trinaislandgirl And in that order....😄

  71. @treanbean_777 I said the same thing

  72. @chocolatekandies I don't know how everyone seems to miss the fact that she seems to like rallying everyone against Mariah in a subtle "Brain-washing" kind of way BUT still wants to appear to be a friend...She was the one who always *heads the couples trips, and calls ballots or mentions "This is the group...moving forward"

  73. @odell9500 I found the zooming sound of the Mini Cooper very funny😄 EUGENE is so cool. I like the way he was looking at Simone like #TroubleMaker what was all that for?

  74. @cin2181 I'm sure he'll have another one to show us when next he comes around (I really don't like him...and definitely not for her)

  75. @pemi247oropo exactly Mariah throw shade like everybody else and she is always the bad one they just don’t want her on the show but she not going anywhere it belongs to @iluvmariah

  76. @chocolatekandies If Simone can be forgiven for the way she treated Toya....I see no reason why they hold on to Mariah's shade...And she's quick with it...I like that about her....SHE WAS DIRECTING THE COMMENT AT HEAVENLY & HER RESPONSE TO NOT OWNING IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN "SORRY BUT I'M NOT SORRY" cos Heavenly went with the "Yo Momma...." once again

  77. @pemi247oropo me either

  78. Mariah is a CLASS ACT. EVIL, WICKED, M]NASTY, MEAN Quad showed up.....Mariah immediately spoke to her. Mariah acknowledged Quad's birthday. Quad turned around and instigated Heavenly & Simone's DIRTY STINKIN MESS. It's way too much...But Mariah is a class act. (me...I would havek(*&^%$) the dookie out of Heavenly around ten yrs ago talking about my mother. I truly thank God for delivering me from anfer. One can be delivered IF THEY CHOOSE AND WANT TO BE!

  79. Delivering me from ANGER.....

  80. What I Think Of Last Night Episode, Is That, Heavenly, Is Getting Way To Many Passes, Talking about People Mothers!

  81. Mariah needs to go. She’s disgusting and down right evil.. I love all the other ladies... they need to get rid of Mariah and her wicked ass and bring in 2 new ladies while keeping everyone else..

  82. Heavenly can go to hell. Old ass talking about people's momma. And still mispronouncimg Contessas name. Just ignorant and ghetto. Her daughter gonna be just like her.

  83. I love the come on why no Mariah???

  84. @cin2181 basketball coach.. not sure if it's highschool or college

  85. @cin2181 he’s the head coach. He may get a hefty salary depending on how long he’s worked there. He works at a private school, big difference.

  86. Watching now....Quad smh

  87. @blacqsugga I understand! Heavenly needs to take responsibility for what flows from her mouth!

  88. Heavenly you make excuses for your foul mouth. You ARE TOO OLD TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE MOTHER. SMDH. Bye Ms. Dentist

  89. I love when the husbands put these women in there place tho not saying nothing foul just the truth #drsimone have several seats ..#quad just leave Dr.Jackie knowing how u continue to neglect your husband girl bye u need to be alone go adopt that baby u want ..Mariah love u..Toya love u Dr contessa girl u dont fit in ur way to hood start ya own show your bigger than the cast u and the nanny lol

  90. Cecil is my damn fav husband of all

  91. @msteacher69 she's an actress

  92. Quad n her fake crocodile tears. She's such an actress. #false

  93. Clearly Quad and Miss Mariah were never friends judging by the daggers in Quad’s eyes whenever she looks at Her ex-friend. We can all see Miss Mariah trying harder to mend bridges with ALL the ladies this season but Quad just won’t let her. She’s in Heavenly’s ear stirring the pot hoping to get a reaction out of Miss Mariah so she can further her crusade against the pretty lady. It’s a shame though they could have been better friends after the “epic” fall out but hey, good riddance to bad company. Am glad Toya decided to move forward with her friendship with Miss Mariah, hopefully the other ladies will do the same.

  94. @cin2181 I know. Was thinking the same thing

  95. @phillysfiness Totally agree. Quad seems to be really fake.

  96. Okay can we just talk about how bravo needs to make them have new outfits for the intro. Its been the same for 3. The only one changed is heavenly

  97. @kedakeeds she own the show lol

  98. @roots.nat it may be so, but she is distasteful on it!

  99. Dr. Jackie should check her attitude about other women's weight issues. She always has a slick comment .Only a dog wants a bone. It's hard to sympathize with her. I hope the new Dr. Gets rid of her nanny...the woman is obviously jealous of people with money.


  101. When does this show come on?

  102. Can somebody please tell me why was it raining in Dr. Heavenly's car...They couldn't fix the AC

  103. @cin2181 Curtis was a professional NBA player he’s currently coaching in private Christian school in Atlanta.

  104. Getting tired of Heavenly... But I guess she has to keep some type of story line.. #toooldtoactlikethat

  105. I think Heavenly shouldn't drink. She over exaggerate everything!