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  1. Dalliah. Wasn't she a prize. 😩

  2. This is a repeat

  3. @briannejohn

  4. She should be incarcerated

  5. Love this story, happy it ended without a murder. That girl has some serious mental issues and needs help

  6. Have seen this story so many times! You must have. Datelines in the vault that we haven't seen in awhile. Forensic files have new shows tonight!

  7. Not this one again, have seen it several times! 😱

  8. Ive this this several times.. She is a piece of work alright!! Unbelievable.

  9. @pickard6515 we have a hot date to watch!!!! 😍😍

  10. Rerun of a dumbass chick 🐥

  11. This is a good one

  12. Ayyy Dios.. again 🤨🤦🏼‍♀️.. she has no 🧠

  13. I remember when this happened.


  15. @kristylynn.xxoo 👌🏻😂

  16. @cinthialeeper you have to see this one. It's crazy! I already seen it.

  17. @whymustwehaveusernames This one looks good

  18. @isaytomahto I’ll be watching for the tenth time

  19. @adrianaabatista This case has been on Dateline, 48hrs & 20/20. Over played. I've seen it so much I know exactly what'll happen in the next scene. Maybe I'm just too big of a crime buff. 😋😎

  20. @katherine0099 @aidanm_6 date night!!

  21. A true classic!!!!!!!!!! Love it and will DEFINITELY be watching it again!!! @datelinenbc 🤗 thank you

  22. Can't do this one again.

  23. Can’t wait for tonight

  24. Another rerun😣

  25. @aarondavagui let’s watch this tonight

  26. One of the top 5 datelines everrrr

  27. @kmdigges Yessss

  28. I've seen this story like 800 times. Ugh. Give us new stuff!!

  29. Thank you @datelinenbc for bringing back one of my fav’s!!! 😍

  30. Love Dateline here in Massachusetts..but going to have to DVR it tonight because of the Patriots game. 🏈🏈🏈🏈

  31. 😩😩😩... Same ole same. I just don't get why you guys keep telling the same stories or showing reruns, when there are thousands upon thousands of crime stories that need to be told and solved. Can someone answer that question for me... Like who are your investigators... What are y'all doing??? @datelinenbc

  32. Booooooooooooooo

  33. Again??? Really??

  34. @rianimary we understand... 🏈

  35. Let's it be something new with this case..

  36. I will be watching

  37. This is still one of the craziest stories

  38. That bit at the police station when you know who sees you know who never gets old. 😂👍

  39. @te_ange_ sneaky

  40. @willyna I don't know this story ???????

  41. Women and Dirty John was a bomb! LUV IT.

  42. @vaness_mango oh hell yea

  43. So he faked his death

  44. @omgiwearglasses I say the same thing. Alot of these cases are already solved @datelinenbc and the perpetrator is behind bars. Then a show comes out, same case, calling it a "mystery." It's annoying and perhaps I need to find something else to watch. There's many new crimes, unfortunately, but still need to be told. They keep focusing on the same white chicks.

  45. @awoelf awww!! This looks spicy 🌶

  46. @lbird87 now I know what to do today while everyone else is watching the Vikings 😒

  47. Seen it once.. I don’t watch reruns of anything.. lol glad she is in prison, that bitch Is psycho...

  48. I've seen this already. She's something else.

  49. @peacefulmaiden9876 no , the police faked the news of his murder , after she tried to murder him

  50. I love Dateline. I hate when the guide says its new, but when u start to watch it is a rerun. Please don’t say it’s new when it isnt