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On last night’s episode of “Married to Medicine,” Quad and Dr. G finally have a sit down and hear each other. Although Mariah and Heavenly have an explosive showdown, Mariah does get back on track with Dr. Simone. And Miss Renee’s absence is truly felt by Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott. Click the the link for the full recap. #MarriedtoMedicine  #Married2Med 


  1. I find Renee to be very disrespectful , hostile, bossy, insecure and vulgar and I think she has a drinking problem. The fact is, she works for that family and should do what is asked of her during working hours, Renee seemed resentful of hermposition. When Renee threw something at Contessa that should have been grounds for immediate dismissal. I wouldn't allow an angry d

  2. I wouldn't allow an angry drunk to take care of my children..never. I hope Contessa cuts her ties.