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  1. Love it! You’re on the pulse, man; got this one out as quickly as the Southpark guys do.

  2. @emearly quicker

  3. #fakenews

  4. @whitehouse @realdonaldtrump

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  6. Trump calls them shithole countries. Obama bombs them. Which pisses you off more?

  7. Brahhhh u nailed it. Tact and manners he has none. Whole island couldn't wait for him to leave on his 1 day stay.

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  9. You are the best!

  10. @consensualism Both bombed almost the same countries. But Trump's presidency isn't done yet. Since he vowed to destroy Iran and North Korea... Let's wait and see. At least Obama didn't declare war to the weakest and poorest of his own citizens.

  11. @miles_kohel @jmk1414

  12. At least he called Belgium "Hellhole". He was kind to us 👹

  13. LOL I was waiting for this!

  14. @consensualism it's all a scam. DC should be abolished altogether.

  15. #ouch #decolonization #love

  16. This is perfect

  17. @laz.laz I love how people see my words as defense of trump instead of criticism of Obama. People conflate criticism of one with support of the other. I'm an anarchist and don't believe that anyone is fit to rule anyone else

  18. Omg lol ! 😄

  19. @longbeachcal @bestfriendmomo

  20. @consensualism I agree Trump and Obama are different sides of the same coin. Except the wigged grapefruit is criminally insane. And not the musically Slayer way. The laws he is promoting, his provocative attitude towards sovereign countries, his continuous insults to His opponents, allied countries and most importantly the less fortunate, are mass suicide material. And speaking of anarchism, I fought for it. I was part of the early Black Bloks in Europe. I'm no Internet activist.

  21. that's where im from !

  22. @consensualism I left FB to avoid these conversations and here I am... Hahahaha. I stop now.

  23. @consensualism It sums it up nice. Hahaha. You're right and I left.

  24. @consensualism Funny. The Off-White guy telling others they're beige. Another on point illustration of what a pigeon does confronted to a chess player. Continue quoting other people without having your own thoughts and insulting them when you're out of arguments. You're cute. The way a chihuahua barks at a concrete wall cute. Have a nice hot pocket while trolling in here, and I wish you a good Stormy Daniels movie before going to bed. Hail Alex Jones. Hail David Icke. Hail your right hand wanker. I lost enough time with you.

  25. @laz.laz Alex Jones is a joke. David icke believes in reptilians. You just assume my color and my beliefs. Sad sack

  26. @laz.laz just another confused commie that diagnoses and assumes. You'll grow up one day😉