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  1. Let’s reread Alleged. Now find out what alleged means and then realize what you just put.

  2. Sad, Nothing this man is, does, or is about surprises me

  3. @jojozbluz Evidently they paid off over 100 women in the months leading up to the election. Frankly I don't really care about his sex life, but his hypocrisy is staggering.

  4. @justin3272 ??

  5. @allicat668 do you know what alleged means? Cause apparently liberals do not.

  6. @justin3272 fr tho

  7. I hope the girls start talking this groper is guilty guilty guilty!!! A--hole!!!!

  8. @marko.radivojevic__ it’s honestly hilarious

  9. @courtneyclift but he’s a great Christian who loves god .

  10. @heytheremcgee 😂😂😂

  11. Yeap! :/

  12. Well Trump never said how much it costs him to grab women by the p***y. It costs him a lot!!!

  13. This picture is set up kinda fucky tho. The people asleep should be in trump voter wear

  14. No wonder they're asleep. They're tired of the smear campaign. I actually think this cartoon is pro-Trump, anti-media.

  15. So accurate 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  16. If Bill Clinton had done it, it would be getting 24-7 major scandal coverage.

  17. @heytheremcgee haha!! I know right?? How do these people believe that??

  18. Trump be like: nothing but lies! Lies, lies, lies lies LIES

  19. This is a clever cartoon. Both sides seem to like it (for different reasons obviously)

  20. Seriously...who pays a porn star $130,000 to keep her mouth shut. 😜 Mr. Family Values was married at that time to #3. He’s such a HYPOCRITE!

  21. @justin3272 the only allegation is that it was hush money. The payment was made. Why would a presidential candidate known for sexual misconduct and paying people to keep quiet be giving a porn star $130K? At least they’re following the law. Unlike the alleged offender.

  22. I'm not shocked about his philandering or adultery - I'm shocked that he actually coughed up a check that cleared

  23. @dsamalin 😂😂😂

  24. Really? Is anybody really surprised about this low life having to pay women off for having relations with him? He's done shady things his entire life.

  25. @irisd236_ Paid off a hundred during the election.