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  1. You better show him off @dr_heavenly 😂❤️👏🏼

  2. @dr_heavenly Wowzers incredible difference then now.Time has change things good 4 u

  3. He look like Tommy from Martin 😂 doooo Dr.Damon

  4. Aww he’s handsome @dr_heavenly

  5. I totally thought this was tommy from Martin! He certain favors your husband!

  6. Your daughter looks just like your husband on this pic!

  7. 💕💕💕💕💕

  8. Oh Hello. Attention my page info straight away.

  9. You’re husband is so mild mannered and patient. I live his frame of mind and that he levels you out #youarealuckylady

  10. @dr_heavenly nice photo of Dr. Damon

  11. haha😂🤣😅dr dam

  12. Hey there 💥. Look this profile urgently!

  13. Best man life has to offer Godbless you doctor

  14. He went to school in Cleveland?

  15. @dr_heavenly one of the realist woman on the show. Keep pushing others might not see the change and effort but I most definitely see a difference. Greater is coming for you and your family.

  16. @emb226 yep

  17. @dr_heavenly That's why he's so calm. We don't let stuff bother us in the 216

  18. omg your daughter looks just like her dad on this pic, she is your twin now lol.

  19. Alright now @dr_heavenly ! You better call him daddy

  20. He looks like a young Idris Elba! 🤩

  21. Look at Daddy 😘😘🤣💋

  22. Dame he's fine no dissrespect

  23. Happy founder’s day soror ❤️🐘

  24. Now that's daddy!!!!!

  25. Really like Dr. Damon. He seems like a clam, patient, level headed man whose not about all the drama. He give advice only when asked lol. Is this true @dr_heavenly

  26. Shout out to Cleveland Ohio 🙌🏾

  27. Very handsome

  28. SNACK!!!!!!!

  29. Cool nerds make the best husbands!

  30. I see why she call him daddy now😂

  31. My favorite Dr.Heavenly man!

  32. Okay Daddy heavenly we see you ! @dr_heavenly

  33. Yes Ohio I went to case western reserve.. Good doctors come from there

  34. Zaddy was cute. I see you two and it teaches me that I need an opposite personality than mine. It works better that way. I wish you blessing to you both and in your marriage.

  35. Looks smart

  36. All this time I thought your daughter looks like u, but I think she favors her dad more when I look at this pic