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  1. Amen !! Beautiful Couple!!

  2. @bethlo_ right 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. My FAVORITE tv married couple!!! I LOVE how you @dr_heavenly and #DrDamon LOVE each other

  4. Watching it now and I wish I could be like him too!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼calm cool collective!!! You are blessed!

  5. 👌🏾👌🏾

  6. @dr_heavenly Mariah and her Moma are delusional and are playing the role well. Just ignore them! Even though I’m going to laugh every time i hear “naw, that’s ya Moma” 😂😂😂

  7. He's so nice. I love his personality! If only everyone could be like him. The world would be a better place.

  8. @bethlo_ i literally sat here and when yo came out her mouth i yelled noooooo don’t say it! 😂😂😂😂

  9. @lasimpson3618 😂😂

  10. My favorite couple.

  11. @dr_heavenly went off on Mariah...your goddaam mama the biggest lie. Mariah ol shady self. @dr_heavenly my favorite on M2MEDS

  12. Missed it again tonight. Smh wondering when does it replay

  13. @dr_heavenly 🙌🏾

  14. That was me you spoke to on Twitter about the vids .

  15. Every time you say "yo mama" I dieeee 😂😂😂 Lmao Mariah always wanna throws low blows (which she was so proud to admit at contessa's party) but want to act holier than thou about the yo mama jokes please!!! Her mama be on fb live talkin shit every week 😂😂😂😂

  16. @dr_heavenly I love you, your marriage and your realness ❤❤❤ you are touching people daily spiritually 🙏 please don't stop being you! We are trying to get closer to God and those minor stumbling blocks will soon be no more 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  17. @dr_heavenly he definitely balances you! you make me crack up every week with your comments 😭😭😭

  18. You all do balance each other well

  19. You great and so is your momma...@dr_heavenly lol throws tv out the window lol #dammthat was good #ugotthattrick

  20. @imataurus00 on demand

  21. How come everyone knew what Mariah was saying and who she was saying it too but her ass. Tryna act clueless. Sometimes you just cant blame @dr_heavenly for going off or saying YO MOMMA.

  22. @vanity1685 I wish I could stay calm like him!

  23. @rashilag thank you

  24. @dr-heavenly u r a fat stanky ugly gorilla for always talking abt ppl momma. Ur mom must be a ugly bitch n somebody gone slap the shit out of u one day. Just keep fucking ur ugly ass daddy. U fat sloppy beast🤪🤪😂😂

  25. I love y’all relationship. That’s what you call real love. I tell my friends all the time i hope i find love like y’all. Have a great weekend @dr_heavenly

  26. @dr_heavenly You have an education that’s higher than middle school, please find another way to articulate your words than “Your Mama” That is so juvenile, aren’t you 50?

  27. I just don’t understand y u always have to talk abt ppl momma. So damn ignorant to me. Yea Mariah say stupid ish but damn leave ppl momma out of it. Set a better example for ur daughter. Bipolar ass

  28. I'm watching this exact episode right now. @dr_heavenly you wish u was like daddy, honey he's your Ying to your Yang❤ Happy Bless New Year🎉💓✌

  29. What is yall signs ms heavenly

  30. @mrskevinsmith1120 messy ×10

  31. @virgo_nofuxsgiven79 Bs

  32. @mrs.stovall66 God bless you 🙏

  33. Dr. Heavenly you never disappoint. 😂😂😂😂 But when did you and Mariah get some real beef? I think it's really about Mariah and Quad and the both of them know it. Mariah still has not gotten over the fact that she was kicked to tha curb and yall got along without her. I love all yall but right now Mariah seems like she's lashing and lashing until she and Quad (each other's twin) get things right between each other. I feel you with Mariah but just ignore her when she comes at you crazy. Stay up Queen.

  34. Love ya, you're so blunt with your drink in ya mug!! 💋 @dr_heavenly

  35. He's my favorite husband on the show. He reminds me of my husband. Que dog and all...LOL

  36. @dr_heavenly I love you guys relationship, stay blessed my dear.

  37. I just love Dr. Damon. He gets you right together in the calmest way. That's how it's suppose to be. Telling your spouse when they're right and wrong and that spouse taking in what is said. I love it.

  38. Was Mariah saying in her speech despite her fight with Toya and her mom hitting Toya. She has never retaliated against her mom? I dont think it was shade🤷🏾‍♀️

  39. @dr_heavenly how can you explain to your daughter that you always call someone's mother a name when you have a disagreement. You are an professional woman and you are to old be saying, "your mama!"

  40. Dr Heavenly did it again! I love it! That’s something I would do! Lol Still team #drheavenly

  41. Ok ‼️💯✅

  42. Cuz u off the chain ‼️💯✅ but you wasn’t wrong at all @dr_heavenly 💯

  43. 😍😍😍

  44. I wont aid and abett two friends fighting like this when we fight we say hurtful things that we can never take back God said the tongue is powerful so we need to be careful what we speak to people cos in the process of hurting them with our words we can never gain our dignity and respect back, no one is worth me loosing my cool over the smartest thing to have done was to shut simone down that was completely uncalled for and alcohol was talking to , or you should learn to walk away so that way you can represent your husband in a good way in public.

  45. No one was right or wrong life is a learning curve but we cannot grow if we dont have control over our own actions

  46. @mizpjay55 she won’t be able to explain to her daughter anytime soon because she acting like a teenager. Typical behavior on mother’s who tend to think they younger than they really are. For a grown lady to have had seminars For up lifting women and going to church as she says, is just a hypocrite move. I guess she needs storylines to keep a check 🤷🏼‍♂️ @bravotv @dr_heavenly @iluvmariah @bravoandy please send her to VH1!

  47. And you do not walk with Christ and your spirit is not perfect.

  48. That’s why i always say, that u too balance each other so well. Your husband always has your back & at the same time, he gives u sound advice (which he never talks down to u but makes u feel good). I love some @dr_heavenly ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  49. @azdigestnaija so true... I think her burst has something to do with her childhood. If it wasn't for Mariah she would not be on the show. Mariah is the creator of the show

  50. Thats all that God want is to give us that rock to help direct his message upon us when we need the extra guidance.

  51. Dr heavenly I love you but I don’t think Mariah meant any shade toward you.. you let Simone set up for that argument she’s the main one in the group who also needs to sweep around her own front door

  52. Loved how y’all greeted each other ♥️

  53. Who the hell still says "yo Mama" at 40 something? You need to go back to elementary school. You too old for that #childishass #immature

  54. @dr_heavenly you can do it, you just have to stop caring about what people say. Especially when they add nothing to your life. You seem like a very passionate person and your hubby is a balance for you and your daughter seems like your voice of reason. Continue on your journey to/with God and He will help you. Ive been on my journey for about a month, its not easy but well worth it. Keep doing you because I love your personality. Be blessed mama!!! 😘

  55. Awww, so sweet. Beautiful marriage. Some things you say are just funny, but when you are trying to do right and change it seems like it gets harder, but, just pray and ask God to guide you, he will. You are a sweet person

  56. I love me some @dr_heavenly & I love he way Dr. Damon can keep you calm in & try to reason with you in certain situations 👍🏾👍🏾❤️❤️

  57. @dr_heavenly I see you trying really hard to be a better Christian but that mouth of yours get in the way a lot. Heavenly, you always have to have the last word so just ask your friends to please be patient with you because God is not through with you as yet. When He gets through with you, you will be pure gold. You are truly beautiful but you turned into a different person when you get so angry. A suggestion, go back a watch how you look and behave when you get angry and use those episodes to assist in your walk with the Lord and take baby steps to change. You are the most genuine and gentle on the show yet a hurricane when you get angry. You are classy yet unpretentious and no matter what, can only be you and no one else. God gave you your hubby to balance you out. Continue to pray and remember in the midst of these fires God can put in His appearance and none of these battles are worth you losing your way. God bless you Lady H.

  58. You gotta really let what Hebrew 4:12 touch your heart God word is powerful then a 2 edge-sword plus you need to apply Galatians 5:22 the Fruit of the spirit and one is self control learn to read your Bible Meditate ponder and let it absorb

  59. Dr. Heavenly is my favorite 🤷🏽‍♀️

  60. But Heavenly said he was “monotone” 💀🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  61. You need to start acting like an adult. Your daughter is more mature than you. It must be so embarrassing for your husband when you behave that way in public. And stop commenting on Toya's weight your the same damn size if not bigger.

  62. @dr_heavenly Dr. Damon really supports you and he also quietly lets you know when you're saying something out of pocket, either by a comment or a look. What I like about that is your response. You immediately stop. You two are a great team. You have great love and respect for each other.

  63. Yes!!!! My favorite husband!

  64. @rashilag exactly. Why state that Toya "never talked about my Mama"? In fact, why do the award thing at all? Mariah was slapping them ALL in the face! And sad to say but Mariah's Mama is not a nice person.

  65. " Yo Mama" is a retort. It means that whatever negative thing you say about me, " yo mama" is that too. @dr_heavenly isn't saying ANYTHING ELSE about Mariah's mother, she's sending Mariah's jabs BACK to " huh Mama". People keep saying she's " talking about" Mariah's mother but she isn't. Does " yo Mama" mean something else in Atlanta?

  66. @i_move_to_keep_things_whole Right if that day was about your mother, why single toya out and give her an award

  67. @realhousewivesofatlthetotaltea and she responds immediately by stopping. No yelling, no cursing, no arguing. She gives him the utmost respect at all times. The others laughed and continue to laugh about her "submission" to her husband but... which couple is standing strong? 🤔

  68. Enough said.... this statement speaks volumes! I feel the same way

  69. You need to try harder before you say your mama try counting down from 20 remember think about your outcome and how you want to present yourself just stay on topic read that person not her family

  70. I think the show is trying to make @dr_heavenly the "angry black woman". We must be careful how we are being portrayed on national t.v.

  71. Do he have an older brother I'm 54

  72. Ditto.....Ditto....

  73. Yall are the perfect match!

  74. I always admire the way you respect your husband & you speak up for marriage

  75. I just love how he is a teddy bear and give great advice #blacklove

  76. @dr_heavenly f it! Mariah throws stones & hides her hands. I’d say yo mama to her a** too

  77. I think y'all are definitely soulmates💜.

  78. I love you!!! #keepsitreal!!! @dr_heavenly

  79. Yes he is! he keeps you calm in the mist of the storm.

  80. #Teamdaddy 😂 I can hear you saying it now

  81. It's nothing wrong with calling your husband your daddy

  82. I love you guys

  83. "Yo mama" 😂

  84. He's definitely for you!

  85. Dr heavenly don't you want to fix my teeth for me the lord says ask so I'm throwing it out there 😀

  86. Amen 🙏🏽

  87. Yo mama 😂😂😂 that was funny . 😂

  88. I can't wait to get home and watch it.

  89. Perfect match!

  90. Y'all are my favorite on the show!

  91. I love y'all relationship. Dr. Heavenly, its not easy when you deal with nasty ppl. I love your attitude because you shoot straight from the hip.

  92. Don’t change I love you

  93. FYI ppl hate when u ignore them 😀

  94. Dr. Damon is so freaking chill @dr_heavenly you are very lucky

  95. @dr_heavenly. Everybody over here in my house lovesssss you....💕💕

  96. I love Dr.Damon he is a gentle gisnt. I love how he is your balance

  97. You have the nicest, most patient husband on the show....PS- I think you should have a calm conversation with Mariah to resolve things and tell Quad to get over the 5yrs grudge. she's played out the victim role too long!

  98. @dr_heavenly your "yo mama" game is strong lmbo

  99. @diloves it was !

  100. @dr_heavenly isn’t it just annoying when they that calm? 🙄 Argue, say some shit that you need to come crawling bk to me to say sorry for 🤣🤣🤣

  101. He seems like a sweetheart

  102. @chiquitamays34 💋💋


  104. He is the epitome of a good husband , calm and takes care of his family , a perfect balance for you

  105. You always keep it REAL and too funny

  106. !!!!! #TeamHeavenly 😩😍😍😍😍😍

  107. @reflection_purple I totally agree!!! She's mean!

  108. My husband is so chill just like him. Me on the other hand...😬

  109. @virgo_nofuxsgiven79 bless you hun😘😘

  110. I love y'all, he is definitely a great guy from what I can see he treats you so awesome 😍 #daddy

  111. @dr_heavenly you are so blessed to have a hubby like DrDamon.. he's so patient, loving, and soft speaken you two are definitely soul mates.

  112. @victoriak1984 She keep saying " your mama" she want be funny anymore because she will not have any teeth or will be sucking from a straw. Parents and kids are off limits, especially when your mother or kids are involved in you all altercation. If Toya forgave Ms. Lucy that's what matters. I like Dr.Heavenly, but the mama comment got to go!

  113. @lutricia1972 well delete your self then

  114. My favorite couple ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  115. @dr_heavenly "girl I love ya 🔥🔥🔥and though u are on spiritual journey please don't let anyone change who u are as a person! I love ya honesty!"

  116. @dr_heavenly your laugh literally makes me stop whatever it is that I am doing to laugh with you 🤣 love your honesty and your sincerity ❤️

  117. @victoriak1984 That will not be a problem for me deleting people's who I don't agree wit. If anybody thinks it's alright to involved mother's and children's when your haven't been involved git serious issues, so therefore this conversation will be deleted after the end if my sentence God Bless the heartless people's!!!!!!

  118. @lutricia1972 have a great day. Im done with the convo already

  119. God is still working on us all🙌🏽🙌🏽🐍

  120. So glad you took what i said positive we living in critical times love of people have cooled off read 2 Timothy 3:1thur 5 I would love to share with you more of what God purpose for mankind is any how his kingdom is the only hope to bring about peace Daniel 2:44 I love sharing the Bible hope the only truth that can help mankind

  121. Dr. Damon reminds me alot of my husband🙌❤ they level us out🙏 luv u guys😍

  122. @doeeyes2008 damn!! Lmao

  123. I love y'alls relationship

  124. ALORA SANG SO WELL & she has an amazing tone

  125. I believe that when the show started Cecil & Simone’s (who I love) marriage were the ideal marriage on the show but you guys have from day one until today always been the most genuine and positive portrayal of marriage 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #TeamHeavenly #heavenhelpus 😘😘😘

  126. Now Dr Heavenly you need to know now what is God purpose for mankind? see the earth was created for a reason read Isaiah 45:18 and then Psalms 37:29 with the help of my God I will help you to learn the what the Bible really teach and that is the truth

  127. Poor Dr. Damon....and stop going for peoples momma thats so ghetto ...

  128. I absolutely love his spirit.

  129. IKTR 💯💯💯💯💯

  130. I love your honesty some folk say they want real friends, but they want perfect friends.. News flash they don't exist! I'm pretty chilled, but my husband got me beat.