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Dateline time...


  1. Finally! 🙌🏻

  2. Best time of the week!

  3. I’m watching

  4. I’m watching! @datelinenbc ❤️

  5. Watching👀 w/ my 🍺...synopsis was excellent keith💜

  6. Don't tease me. I still have 1 hour and 56 minutes. #westcoast

  7. 3 more hours for me in Los Angeles!! 😢

  8. @heashby ughh

  9. I love keith

  10. I am watching from my beautiful Country 🇭🇹 HAITI

  11. @datelinenbc Tell me about it!

  12. Watching!!! @sheshedawn

  13. @brittany_banks18 👍

  14. So mad because I have sound and no picture. Suddenlink. Ugh!!

  15. @grandsavanne So beautiful 🇭🇹

  16. Listen to the podcast “Dirty John”.... goes way more in depth than the show if you want more of the story!

  17. Such a scary story and interesting episode 😳🔪

  18. @datelinenbc my phone was charging but I’ve been watching!!! My husband was like “this is ape sh*t”

  19. That was an insane episode!!! I'm in shock!

  20. @datelinenbc tonight did not disappoint #nashvillesnowday #friyayvibes

  21. @kellyswork no kidding. 🧟‍♂️ 🔪

  22. I read and listened to the entire podcast...very in depth

  23. watching rn!

  24. I’m so upset I missed it!!! Any re-airs??

  25. Kick ass page-keep it up! ;)

  26. What a great dateline episode! If you want more you have to listen to the Dirty John podcast!

  27. What was the name of the episode? @datelinenbc

  28. @therufuscat I fell asleep, did something happen to the one daughter??

  29. I fell asleep and misssd the part where he attacked her daughter did her dog save her ?

  30. Great episode!

  31. @blingirl55 I fell asleep too in the last 15 minutes!

  32. @goldenlove58 I think it was "the women & Dirty John"

  33. @skemeena71 thank you I missed it and want to catch it on demand.

  34. Omg what a crazy dateline!!

  35. @kagillette oh... you have to watch it!!! And yes something happened to a daughter but I don't want to spoil it.

  36. the podcast was so much better . so much was left out

  37. OMG this one was so crazy good! I thought he may have killed the other daughter, you would only show photos of her. #zombiekill

  38. Love Dateline !