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Guys if your man did something wrong and you slapped him. , does he have the right to slap you back? Or is there a double standard? Please let me know @openandhonestradio #OpenandHonest  @therealdrjackie @dr_heavenly #Relationships  #sorryfor  theprofanity #RelationshipAdvice  #TeamDaddy  #doublestandard #HeavenHelpUs #teamdaddy


  1. @kyngkamakazii agreed!

  2. No one has the right to put their hands on anyone man or woman. If you can't work it out its time to part ways.

  3. Neither one has the right to put their hands on the other! Your not children that need to be raised! I don’t care who did what! Yes, times have changed, but no one has the right to physically abuse the other, that will get you killed!!!

  4. He doesn't have the right to steal me and my sons identity either! #NIGERIAN #SCAMARTIST #GHANA

  5. You didn’t have a right to put your hands on that man just because he did something that hurt your feelings and you didn’t agree with. I would like people to understand, men can be abused as well @dr_heavenly

  6. @bboudreaux310 okay

  7. @andyouknowthis_888 that’s what I’m for because once she hit our boys then those heffas gone call the police and get them a record, but grown woman to grown woman we equal, right or wrong that’s how feel.

  8. @beautifulsoullo so what if it’s his feelings that are hurt, from her cheating on him, is it okay for him to slap her?

  9. @ms__tricia Definitely not. Some men are taught not to hit women period.

  10. Love you Dr Heavenly!!! 💕💕💕

  11. @dr_heavenly I am so tired of this real man stuff, men are real until they do something we do not agree with. My opinion, real women should have self control, self respect and keep her hands to herself no matter he cheated or not.

  12. @dr_heavenly now if a had of said that it would not be a lol.

  13. @mommy_evaafter I absolutely agree.

  14. You need to calm down, you're way over the top. You need to remember God gave you feet.walk away before you get slayed.

  15. He don't have the right to beat your ass but he would not be wrong if he slapped you back

  16. No one should open the door to violence.

  17. This topic is big but just to answer your question, the answer is no. A man should NEVER hit a woman. The circumstance doesn't matter.

  18. No your not wrong, in that case you are just trying to slap some sense into his cheating ass. That also gives him an opportunity to beg for forgivness

  19. A woman shouldn't put her hands on a man and vice versa! That would be a reaction from any person if they are hit.

  20. No hitting either way, l'm just saying. But if the woman does hit the man he should just walk away. Its always best to remove yourself from the situation and come back and talk once both parties have had an opportunity to calm down, and be rational.

  21. Slapping your ass right back

  22. No cause he was in the wrong and he the one cheated....

  23. A man should never touch a woman in anger...Just leave , it's cheaper in the long run...

  24. Every action has a consequence if a woman does not want to be hit don't hit him...taking a man's pride by making him feel small is probably the worse thing a woman can do..either leave him for his infidelity or stay your choice but violence either way is wrong...

  25. I agree with dr_heavenly

  26. Nope he deserves that!!

  27. Now he should take that slap and warn you not to try it again. If you continue with the slapping then that’s on you @dr_heavenly! I know one thing he better not walk away!!

  28. A man has no right to hit a woman, but it's a difference from a man and a boy! Now a boy will put his hands on you then you have a man that will walk away. Ladies have to know the difference.

  29. @dr_heavenly that’s crazy

  30. He might not beat Cha ass but you can’t be mad if he slap the shit outta you. Lol you know what Ward told me @justus_mama

  31. He could hit you back.... so be prepared. Every man is not raised the same and does not hold the same values..

  32. Acting out of anger and frustration can lead to some consequences you might not be ready for! Everybody ought to keep their hands to themselves.

  33. Hitting on either part it wrong. If a women does hit a man, he should walk away or shack the shit out of her. NEVER CLOSE FIST HIT HER

  34. If she hit you . Leave her ! If she hit you again and beat the breaks off her ass

  35. Don’t hit a man ... talk it out or walk it out .. or be silent

  36. When some hit you and you don’t strike back the will return every time they want a victim

  37. Hell no if you got caught then you catch these paws

  38. @mom_of_3beauties totally agree

  39. It is never okay to hit a woman or beat her so I agree with you @dr_heavenly

  40. @titlade34 I stand by what I said earlier. A more reasonable approach the man could do, is just to walk away. That, in my opinion, is right. Thanks for your opinion on this situation.

  41. Wrong on both parties

  42. Definitely not to beat her ass. He can defend himself by blocking her. But she should definitely know she can’t try that mess again.

  43. The whole situation is just WRONG. If your dude cheat on you, slapping him will not change the fact that he cheated, slapping him will not make him never cheat again..... Look he will most likely already be mad you found out he cheated on you, he is going to already be mad you are up in his face telling his ass off for cheating SO when you hall off and smack him YES he will probably hit your ass back. SO rather than hitting him just leave his ass for cheating. Violence is not the answer, it won’t change the fact it will only make things worst.

  44. NO he does NOT. Everyone should keep their hands off of anybody.

  45. Hell No...... he needs to walk away where you guys can talk it out but you are wrong for putting your hands on him also that’s not rite of you either

  46. Everyone has reflexes but if you hit someone you be able to deal with the consequences

  47. Eye for eye...situation

  48. @dr_heavenly I TOTALLY agree with you. No argument there, but we're not living in that day anymore. Abuse swings both ways. ..Love you Dr. Heavenly😙

  49. I was raised to never Let anyone put their hands on you however if a woman hit me and she expected me to walk away I hope she remembers there’s also 911 leaving her to deal with a domestic violence charge🚔🚔🚔

  50. Sis I don’t think so either 🙂

  51. It’s never okay for a man to put his hands on a woman unless he is restraining her from harming him. That doesn’t require him to abuse her. 🤔💪🏾✌🏾

  52. No a man has no reason to put his hands on no woman no matter what the situation is. Also me personally I wouldn’t want no man jumping on me, so there for man & woman need to keep their hands to theirselves. Just need to walk away. Putting hands on someone or jumping on your spouse isn’t love.

  53. Both men and women need to keep their hands to themselves. If the situations has to result in altercation. We don’t need to be together. A man should be strong enough to walk away. A woman should carry herself as such.

  54. Man or Woman if you hit,you going to get hit back! Yes he has the right to hit you back.

  55. Did you have the right to slap him first? I get being upset over him cheating but slapping didn't change the facts. But no of course not it's not right for then you to be victimized again.

  56. I don't care who it is your husband your wife your girlfriend your boyfriend if you hit somebody you gonna get hit back that's just the way it is

  57. Ideallly....IF he was wrong and deserved it he should take it like a man. The ONLY thing he should do is walk away. No hands! However, every man is different. Women should understand that if you hit a man...depending on the man he might hit yo ass back!

  58. No he does not have the rigth.

  59. I don’t think a man should ever hit a woman... (it’s easier to walk away). If he cheated, he would be lucky if he just got a slap🤨IJS...

  60. No he does not have the right and no man should put they hands on a woman

  61. No he don’t have the right to beat you but women shouldn’t put their hands on men either. But 2 wrongs don’t make a right. If he cheat and you don’t want him anymore let him go.

  62. Everybody needs to keep their hands to their self. Self control is must.

  63. No he does not

  64. Shake and leave..

  65. Yeah I think he should defo restrain her, I wouldn't hit them back but can understand why some people would! Lesson #keephandstoyourself

  66. Keep your hands to yourself

  67. No the man is always stronger and he could hurt that woman. Somethings just aren't equal when it comes to strength . If a child hits me as angry as I may get I'm not hitting that child back. Not trying to go to jail. And I wouldn't teach my boys to hit a woman . I'm teaching them to walk away. Morals matter .

  68. Don't hit ANYONE unless you're prepared to get hit back. I do think men should show restraint and walk away because they're generally stronger. I also think women should show restraint and not hit a man out of anger OR bcuz "men shouldn't hit women". How about everyone keeps their hands to themselves unless it's self-defense, mkay?

  69. I Dont condone guys hitting women I have sons and taught them not to hit women back .......but if she hit you 1st knock her ass out ...keep yo hands to yoself .....they are not to go out hitting no women because they jealous ....busted etc.....keep them dick beaters to yoself and he will as well

  70. Keep your hands to yourself

  71. No he does not.

  72. Let me start by saying I have two sons and one daughter. I love them equally. Just as no one wants their daughters hit, I don't want anyone to put their hands on my sons. We all should learn to teach everyone to keep their hands to themselves. The wrong idea is that a woman can put her hands on a guy and should not be punished for that. It's only so much anyone can take. If some girl believes she can put her hands on my sons, she needs to understand that there are consequences for that. I would never tell my sons to knock a woman out but they need to be able to defend themselves as well.

  73. Yes he does lol

  74. No, walk away-and she needs to keep her hand to herself

  75. So you are saying every time a person do wrong they deserve a slap no one don't own no one people can do whatever they like however you don't have to take it

  76. My MOTHER told both of my brothers and myself, “If she step up like a man treat her like a man!! Hit her back and make sure you put her on her seat so she can think about her actions and to try a different approach next time!

  77. Thats the problem right there, woman can hit men and its no problem but as soon as a man hits a woman it becomes a court case🙈so ladies must also learn to keep their hands to themselves as well as men.

  78. I was raised that women shouldn't put themselves in men positions. I have three boys and I've raised them to not hit women however Dad says to defend yourself. So I encourage my sons to use other resources such as sisters, female cousins, oh and don't forget Mama!

  79. Hell no he doesnt!!!.. If you do some disrepectful shit, then act dumbfounded, guess what you gonna be dombfounded when these hands land right on ur mf face. lmao @imnelly2u

  80. Hell no ..its supposed to put his ass in shock.. "Fuc was you thinking?" Type shi lol.. But ...we should keep our hands to ourselves..unfortunately I'm one that will slap quickly😂😒

  81. @dr_heavenly in the eyes of the law a person has a right to defend themselves, but morally I have always taught my son if a woman slaps you walk away and never look back! Once a person slaps you the respect is no longer there...why bother? Women have become comfortable with laying hands on men and then are startled when they get knocked out! If you walk into a situation where you caught your man cheating, pack up walk away, the silence of him not knowing your next move will kill him!

  82. No, he does not. Violence regardless of the initiator is wrong.

  83. No he does not....there is double standard, men can't do what women do and women can't do what men do. Period. Meaning he is not going to be very accepting of her cheating on him...& he can't hit her back if she hit him...sorrynotsorry...that's the rules

  84. This doesn't mean that a woman should be able to just hit a man constantly cuz she know he won't hit her back that's not what I'm saying.... keyword constantly

  85. Besides he is much bigger and stronger he can just restrain her and just get away he doesn't have to hit her back

  86. No one should put their hands on anyone no matter what their gender is. I do not agree with women putting their hands on men unprovoked. A good man does not deserve to be bullied, belittled, or physically or verbally abused by his mate.

  87. I teach my daughter not to hit because I don't want her hit. (Not that she listens). But to "beat your ass”? That's overboard and unacceptable!

  88. Just keep your hands to yourself.

  89. @dr_heavenly if someone hit me I have the right to do the same to them.

  90. I think everyone should keep their hands to themselves however if a woman hits a man she needs to be prepared to be hit like a man

  91. Yes he should kickyou’re ass keep you hands to yourself

  92. I just don't like your personality, and your rudeness is overbearing. You have to do all that for attention ?? Now who's self esteem is low and Mariah crazy to ever want to hang around you jealous fake hoes especially quad the fraud

  93. No not at all it depends what type of girl it is

  94. Slap your ass right back

  95. U should NEVER hit a Man no Matter What!!!! Just like A Man should NEVER hit a Woman!!!!

  96. No but you shouldn’t hit him either. If you hit anyone their natural reactions will be to slap the shit out of your back. Don’t matter if you make or female.

  97. Keep your hands to yourself period. I’m a mother of 4 sons, I’ve raised them not to touch a woman ever, however my hands will work for them. You can’t slap someone “if he did something wrong” he’s not your child.

  98. No he has no right to hot her PERIOD. I use to think that way, but thanks to God, He changed my thought process

  99. Everyone needs to keep their hands to themselves.

  100. A woman should never haul off and slap a MAN and neither should he "beat" her ass... EVER! What makes you think you have a right to discipline a grown man for making an adult decision? You're not his mom... Women or men who think like that will never have a successful relationship!

  101. It’s not right for him to beat your ass but I put my hands on my kids father first like 5 years ago he haven’t stop fighting on me since...

  102. you are so beautiful and fine

  103. I just left my son’s father because we were being abusive towards each other before during and after my pregnancy. Both of us were wrong in every incident we’ve had. So I think if a woman hits a man she’s gonna get hit back but I don’t think he should hurt her really bad

  104. Don't hit nobody who you don't want to hit you back

  105. Yes he does

  106. I’m against abuse 100%!!! But however I feel everyone should be able to protect themselves. If Korea sent all female warriors over here should we just take that as a L Because their women?!? I definitely don’t see that happening... so ultimately you don’t have the right to put your hands on anyone you didn’t give birth to.

  107. 😬my grandmama said if you can hit you can get hit back. I don’t condone violence, and no one has the right to put their hands on anyone. So ladies keep your hands to yourself. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  108. If you cheat does he then have a right to hit you??? In other words don't do to him what you don't want him to do to you.

  109. If he cheated then just leave him slapping him isn't going to change the fact that he cheated. I was raised to keep your hands to yourself. I believe if a woman is bad enough to hit or fight a man she has what's coming. Ijs

  110. Bitchhh I lov you 🗣😭😭😭😭😭♥️🙌🏼

  111. No he bet not! He got that slap coming😒If he retaliate Go Hard on him cuz u shud be mad right about then🌚

  112. No in a situation where a man deserves a slap no he has no right to hit or slap you back. As a matter of fact after you slap you should put him out. But if your the type of woman who likes slapping a man because you can't have your way then he should slap you.

  113. U teach both boys and girls at a young age to keep ur hands to urself. Ur space is ur space u don’t like it kick him out. But, it will for sum men go to the next level

  114. No, he does not have that right.

  115. No he has the right to walk away

  116. your crazy person. you really should get off tv.,for your own good.

  117. Best thing to do is keep your hands to yourself everybody want Understand.... You hit someone expect to get hit back #Reflex#Reflex!!!!

  118. Don't put your hands on anyone because they just might put their hands back on you... if you can't talk it out, Walk It Out

  119. I don’t condone a man hitting a woman. My son was put in this situation his gf at the time slapped him numerous amounts of times and busted his lip...he jumped on her. Body slammed her, hit her under her eye she had a deep cut...she came to me and I was very upset with him BUT she didn’t tell me the whole story. She just said he hit her she never said she hit him multiple times and busted his lip. I was mad with both parties because in the beginning I told both of them if it got that bad were they needed to lay hands on each other then they need to move on. Later on she told me the truth and I explained to her again that they need to leave each other alone. I’m a woman first and like I told him he doesn’t want nobody to do that to his mom, daughter, sisters, etc. so it does work both ways but I suggest keep your hands to yourself. Everybody is not going to let it happen or take it. I’m a domestic violence survivor and I stabbed my abuser. Didn’t think twice because all I knew was I wasn’t going to let him kill me in front of my children. Since then no man has EVER attempted to touch me...ijs

  120. @louise9260 definitely agree

  121. exactly

  122. @ms_hell_nheelz I agree if you have to hit someone you should move on! I just teach my boys never to hit a woman ...walk away and never return

  123. @dr_heavenly that’s right...💯

  124. He should walk his happy butt out the 🚪 but not beat your butt! That’s what men do walk instead of putting his hands on a woman!

  125. Now if he doesn’t have. Relationship with his Mother then he want care and he will beat the hell out of you to show you he can do what he want to do and not give two damns about your feelings

  126. I think no he does not have the right to beat your ass but i know your angry at that time but hitting him don't make it right neither so hit him with that word hard in that bible say something to him to make him hurt mentally and don't do nothing for him cook. Wash his clothes give him no sex nothing for awhile treat him like if you don't care about our marrige show him what a women don't care treat him do that see how he wlll act then he see what a good woman you are and don't want to lose you but still pray at the same time he will change

  127. No ma'am he should be man enough to walk away

  128. No MAN at no time should ever put his hands on a woman. But that does not mean women should put her hands on him. It’s best for both parties to walk away especially if you have been drinking... @dr_heavenly

  129. It is a case by case situation. It's not cut and dry. There is an explanation for everything. It's up to you to acknowledge it and figure out how you want to handle it

  130. Everybody keep your damn hands to yourself! It’s never Okay for grown folks to hit one another except if you’re protecting yourself. Leave that Ass! If he pushes you to the point of violence.

  131. If you can't receive it don't give it.

  132. No, plain and simple! But you don't have the right to hit him.

  133. Just back up and walk the hell away because u don't know how crazyly crazy he is. That's the first times you learned quick

  134. I agree with you a man should not hit a woman but a woman should not hit a man. He should walk away that’s what a real man will do

  135. If you don't hit him he won't hit you, keep your hands to yourself. But if you slap him he has a right to beat your ass. IJS

  136. The right YES, should he NO! My mama taught me not to hit ANYONE without expecting to get hit back!

  137. I'm a COLD COCK the shit out of whoever LOL if you put your hands on me man or woman wrong is wrong that I know but if a person don't hit you don't hit him regardless of how messed up the situation is !