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  1. Awwwwwww don't cry @absolutelyquad

  2. Thank you all for allowing us to look into your lives this evening. Bless your marriages, families, careers, and all professional endeavors!

  3. Is there anything else Toya can bring to this show apart from not having s*x with her husband? She spends $150 Qdaily? Is she buying the whole world daily? She has a Good husband

  4. Y’all look so nice!

  5. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Remember😃🔥😀👏👏💋🙌❤

  7. @therealdrjackie with marriage you have to block the outside world. I applaud you for fighting. It's so easy to give up, but it takes two strong people to keep fighting against all odds. We all are human & we all make mistakes. It takes real love to pull through the blows & lows & to mold into one piece of greatness! Fight for love, marriage or anything in life worth fighting for ☺.

  8. Random and a long shot that you will answer. Any adviceon how to turn a breech baby naturally after a failed ecv? My first wasn't breech and an easy deliver but this second babe is breech at 37 4 days wks! TIA

  9. @therealdrjackie you did it.

  10. Stop it WIT THAT Yo Mama shit sis!

  11. I hate how you guys attacked Mariah ... it was just so mean and unnecessary

  12. Luv it girls ..👀📷😉👍

  13. I love you ladies but I wish you wouldn't fight

  14. Yes Dr. Jackie yes @therealdrjackie

  15. Luv you ladies!! This is truly what happens with women who are professionals, married to professionals, and stay at home parents who are still working . A stay at home parent is not a stay at home because of appointments, shopping , and keeping house. YOU ALL ROCK!!!

  16. Simone is the cause of attack.

  17. You guys really inspired me to apply for my PhD in the fall 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 clinical psychology here i come

  18. Ur outfit is giving me life Dr. Jackie.

  19. Dr. Jackie...your looking fly...😂

  20. Bayybayyyy Dr. Jackie tho😍😍😍

  21. @therealdrjackie I thought the woman of Married to Medicine would be better role models but y’all are no different from any other woman with jealousy and hate in their mind and in their heart. I really looked up to you and Dr. Simone but y’all are the two most influential messy women and let’s not forget the biggest mess of them all. Dr. Heavenly, what a name for someone who isn’t anything like her name. Big disappointment 🤦🏽‍♀️

  22. @ragdollnish Oh Hush😩 at the end of the day, it's entertainment

  23. Y'all look like little girls. Loved that episode. You ladies have really touched on some serious marital issues that needed to be talked about. I had all of those problem and I'm learning to deal with them, thanks to you ladies. ❤️❤️❤️

  24. @soulangel835a Its reality. Because of them I learned that you can fight, forgive and still be friends. 💜❤️

  25. Nice pic

  26. @dr_heavenly Please stop stop stop stop being disrespectful about people’s Mothers. It is not funny. It is not right. There is no excuse. Please stop.

  27. Drama filled season

  28. @therealdrjackie I ABSOLUTELY LOVE & ADMIRE YOU!!!! #ClassyDr4Real 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️

  29. Fashion affordable. Take a look #paparazzi

  30. Love This!!❣️❣️

  31. I would be your nanny looks like the one you had needs manners. Maybe she didn't know how to act around the camera. But she was very disrespectful and doing to much #just saying. Stop making g excuses for her Dr

  32. I have experience and know how to do hair.

  33. Dr. Contessa I also had a cleaning busy. Willing to relocate cause you can have it both motherhood and career. # just saying

  34. Remain strong Dr. Jackie you deserve true respect but you must also be attentive to your husband needs within reason. And it's not your fault never was #just saying

  35. Whyyyy #heavenly was hatin on #Simone's weight just cause she done had her lil surgery and thiiiinks she is hot SHYYYT nah?! Lololol!!! And called her OLD #SALTY ANNNND WHATS THE DAYUUUUM DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOIN IN A VOODOO SHOP AND CUSSING EVERYBODY OUT AND TALKING BOUT PEOPLE.... She coulda just gone her hypocritical ass n the freakin Voodoo shop and called it a day #PartTimeChristian talkin bout she know she ain't perfect BUT AT LEAST BE MORE CONSISTENT🙄😶😷😩😩😩😩

  36. That Nanny of Dr Contessas just NEEDTA BE FIYAAAAAD(fired) #PointBlankPeriod

  37. Dr Jackie you are so beautiful

  38. Cuuute ladies

  39. 💕👏🏾🙌🏾 @therealdrjackie @dr_heavenly

  40. @bootyspider she need to grow the hell up

  41. @le_michelle_83 She does need to grow the hell up otherwise someone’s Mom is going to slap her. Rightly so. @dr_heavenly

  42. Dr Contessas, the nanny need to be fired.ASP

  43. Yass Dr Jackie

  44. That episode was 🔥🔥🔥!

  45. 🗣my She-ro💖💚💕💕

  46. @therealdrjackie I just LOVED how you stayed peeping out the door when your husband was leaving. It was such a real moment!

  47. Yesss sweet 16.👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾😄

  48. @kmainstagrammy I agree 100%. She made such a big deal about the voodoo shop because she's a Christian but she raise more hell than anyone. And who says "ya mama"? That's so childish. She's has talked about everybody but Dr Jackie. She's obviously not looking in any off those mirrors in her house.

  49. @bootyspider Dr Heavenly is too old to be that childish. She's on her Christian journey but she's going to act the same heavenly next season and the season after that.

  50. @taviaflavor Yes Priceless

  51. @imsofancy_24.7 she is too Old to be with the.... Ya mama foolery! Cause where I'm from dat get yo WIG Lifted.... Don't matter what ya age is! Her excuse is that she is just open and honest but when her ass was fat I bet she wouldn't have liked people being open and honest about that. Being honest and having NO TACT(Just Being Ignorant) ARE TWO DIFFERENT Things is what Somebody NEED TO POINT OUT TO HER But she just hasn't come across the right person to check her ass.... Cause she's good and IGNANT. But her lil daughter gets her ass TAGATHAAAA Tho😂😂😂😂😂

  52. I love y'all especially Dr heavenly but I need her to stop using that " yo mama" comment

  53. I love all the ladies you all bring something to the show funny, laughter sadness hopefully ,sexy, drama, so keep doing what you all love to do Heavenly and Simon should go on the road yaw are two funny

  54. I would love to be a part time nanny for Mrs . Contessa

  55. 🗣Donnell Jones come and get your mom, she is treating Contessa poorly.

  56. Quad's made up fake ass storyline to try to stay relevant is not cutting it for me. And that outfit had nothing to do with the 90's. Again, just showing out for the camera. Why does Toya looks like a little person in this photo?

  57. 90s all day

  58. @soulangel835a yea it sucks that you have to fight to draw ppls attention to the show (ratings). Cause i personally would love to just see positive ppl doing positive things . The drama will come on it’s on because the devil is always busy , but it sucks that they have to force it .

  59. @dommb__ well said

  60. Heavenly is out of order🙄🙄

  61. You girls are so creative

  62. Heavenly..get it together

  63. You look amazing!!

  64. I'm glad you guys are hugging it out on this picture cause this episode was just awful. It's sad to see black women expressing themselves in that manner on national TV for the world to see. Not a good look for us.

  65. @authentic_chic look at them

  66. Cute....Keep it classy lol

  67. Dr. Jacqueline, I can say, you have a beautiful heart😁

  68. Loved it, y'all are just the best.....💕💕💕💕

  69. Contessa looks so good.. like an original

  70. Love, love this show!! 😍😍

  71. @imsofancy_24.7 This made me laugh out loud. 😆 You’re right. She is who she is, on her “Christian journey.”

  72. You doctors are suppose to set a different standard. You are professional women but clearly don't act like it. Dr. Jackie is the only one that carries herself in that manner. I like her!

  73. Heavenly talking about someone's mother is not acceptable!

  74. I don't appreciate the disrespect from your nanny she is old enough to know how to treat others especially your employer. RESPECT is our reasonable service and it goes a long way. You should never allow anyone to disrespect you especially in your home. NEVER EVER TOLERATE THAT. I AGREE WITH YOUR HUSBAND💕✨ @drcontessa

  75. Beautiful Queens I Love it 💯❤😍

  76. I love the new Dr personality great fit for the show

  77. Toya and Simone look alike😍❤️. Black girls rock 🔥🔥👑👑💯💯🖤🖤

  78. Heavenly need more then Jesus ajs

  79. Simone need to chill

  80. Need to get rid of dr. Heavenly she's too disrespectful and she's got a nasty mouth and she's bad for the show. She can't get along with anybody her daughter tells you that all the time too old to be acting like that. My opinion

  81. Dr. Heavenly definitely needs to be an anger management and needs Jesus 120%

  82. Dr Heavenly, looks just like Peppa. Nice picture ladies.

  83. Darnit!! I thought it came on at 8pm?!

  84. Deveanly has problems

  85. Where is Mariah ? You all really need to STOP making it appear like she is the issue or the troublemaker ! It was her event . If she wanted to give who ever an Award that’s her dam business . You all are to OLD for the childish BS like for real ! Heavenly is the dam devil . She evil and mess ! But every time she say your mama you all never hold her ass accountable !!!! Because she says sorry don’t mean shit when her evil ass keep doing the same BS over & over ! Sorry only works when you STOP the behavior. You all need to wake up ! Heavenly need to go !!! she brings nothing but drama !!!!!!!

  86. Where's Mariah aka the Real Threat!

  87. I love the party theme 🙌 even took the drinks to back in the day 💎

  88. @blakeypoo1212 represent yourself in the best light at all times, entertainment or not

  89. @therealdrjackie not to point fingers but you still putting career over your relationship. IJS

  90. Wow dr Jackie your hot 😘🤗💜💜

  91. I wish you all could see how bogus you are and disloyal to someone who brought you into their dream or idea how sad and disappointing

  92. Ok, u r entitled you ur opinion, Jutst make sure your ur doing the same.

  93. Now these are my loves

  94. Those legs Dr Jackie!

  95. That is a great picture

  96. See No @iluvmariah in the picture all you guys are shady

  97. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  98. Cuuuuute 😍✨🌟

  99. Love You Ladies...

  100. I wonder why they don't like filming with Miarah

  101. Why does it matter if miarah is in the picture or not? if she was y’all would be saying how fake she is , she let it be known she don’t vibe with the girl like. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  102. Jackie you are aging backwards... When I saw those flashback to the 90s (last week), I kept rewinding it like “wayment”!!🤔 U look amazing!!

  103. @foxebrown517 You are correct. Heavenly is very evil! They need to get rid of her.

  104. My friends in my head😉

  105. Is Dr Jackie 60 if she is she looks fabulous

  106. 😍😍😍You looked sooo pretty & fab!!! So happy u guys had fun for the most part😁😄😁😁‼️♥️♥️

  107. Dr. Hellenly needs to say "yo mama" to the right person, and I guarantee she'll be performing her own dental implants!!

  108. Toya looks like a little person in this pic.

  109. The gang!❤️

  110. They did that!!

  111. @therealdrjackie when your husband comes to your house I'm like "Dayummmmm, he looks good. How can Dr Jackie pass on that?". I love his height......BUT, I got your back & will agree with what ever decision you make

  112. @vayshaunte she sure does

  113. @bootyspider 😁

  114. Dr. Heavenly is beyond disrespectful.. Always flapping them gums and then backtrack waiting everybody to feel sorry for her. Just like Quad, who portrays that angelic persona on Sister Circle but she can’t forgive Mariah! Mariah told the truth #myopinion

  115. @therealdrjackie I love you hunn but Forgive ur husband please don't Divorce him its hard to get a man to communicate ,and admit that their wrong and he has done both.Forgive dont forget. LIFE IS TO SHORT TO BE UNHAPPY.ILY

  116. @she_naturally_cute 😆😂🤣😅

  117. Dr Heavenly got to go.....exit stage left like Phaedra....what an embarrassment!

  118. Hard to keep up with you guys thought you came on Friday's

  119. Love yall and I'm liking the new girl she seem like good people. Mariah need to just stay off the show I'm sorry but she's over 🙄💅

  120. @vayshaunte 😂😂😂

  121. Dr Heavenly is too extra want so much attention. I can’t believe she’s a Doctor 👩🏾‍⚕️🤷🏾‍♀️

  122. They all are jealous of Mairah !

  123. Heavenly sit down and shut the hell up please.. Less is more

  124. I love everyone so much on the show. Currently watching and I need to know if their relationship was saved??! God bless the situation-whatever he put on their hearts to happen whether separate or together, is fine. I just want to know.

  125. Love me some Jackie and Simone and Quad...

  126. The calm before the storm

  127. Beautiful beautiful ladies

  128. Finally dr Jackie.. Been ✋

  129. @newbeecarlas I agree.

  130. Team Jackie, Toya, and Mariah. Quad I can't. Nope!

  131. @thisgalonfya.... it’s a fact. Dr. Heavenly doesn’t need spiritual counseling, she need a ass whooping for always saying yo mama. Mariah should have punched her in the throat. Ms Quad is so fake. She has a little fame and celebrity friends now, therefore she doesn’t want her husband anymore.

  132. @iamlexifree I agree about Quad! Love me some Toya❤

  133. Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  134. Ms Quad keep doing what you are doing, you can love people from afar, you don't have to be friends/ buddy buddy with them. You can also be cordial and nothing more if you don't want to, it doesn't mean you haven't forgiven them, that's between you and God.

  135. #TeamMariah 😍Girls she's a great Women. What's the problem with her that I'm missing 🤔

  136. Love the fab 4 plus Quad!!

  137. please forgive curtis. you set am example for women that forgiveness is real.

  138. My favorite ladies !!!

  139. @newbeecarlas everything you said

  140. @bellephi79.. just stating my opinion. 👊🏽

  141. You are shady you left Mariah out of the picture