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  1. Watching it tonight

  2. Unfortunately my mum's fallen asleep already..🙁

  3. @aliemadden can you make sure this is recorded so we can watch tomorrow?

  4. Whoooooooho.dateline comes on

  5. Can't wait

  6. Classic Keith! 😏

  7. Nothing better than being snowed in and a new episode of Dateline with Keith!

  8. Dateline, Keith and a glass of wine. :)

  9. Is she trying to sweep Keith off his feet with her "oh yeah:....🤣🤣🤣. #can'twait #dateline #Keith 💜

  10. @slbro70 🤣🤣

  11. Hurry up!!!! I'm ready to watch!

  12. @vanitysmurf0618 👍

  13. @cheffysteph It’s a good one tonight!

  14. @lindseycumbie can't wait!

  15. R e a l l y???

  16. @melayala @robby_ayala can’t wait!!

  17. @doranicole2016 the best time of Friday night!

  18. oww mye goodaness

  19. @lasnels18 @aubzeezug

  20. My pretend husband 😍😍😍

  21. @mattjhaley @ventekid

  22. @morgan_heymann can’t get here soon enough 😞 idk if I can wait up!!

  23. @aubzeezug lol for once I’m out and your home 😆

  24. I can’t stay up because I have to work tomorrow.. I’ll see you on my DVR ❤️


  26. @kspeedster

  27. Hurry up ten o’clock

  28. I'm there...

  29. Waiting patiently(not) 😀

  30. Watching!! So glad you’re back Keith

  31. Watching...Keith that voice ❤ it

  32. One of my favorite PODCASTS!!!! Loving this. Everyone check out the Vanished Podcast, and it's discussion group on fb. LOVING THIS SHOW!!!

  33. #great show!! Edge of my seat entire time!!

  34. Can't wait

  35. I really thought it was the sister that was murdered since she never appeared on the show. Was surprised that it was Tara that was attacked.

  36. @sbb577 I thought the exact same thing!!

  37. I am related... this is my grandfathers brothers son...

  38. Being blinded by love can be dangerous. Def listen to the warnings of others, especially from those that know you best. Glad Dirty John got the ultimate punishment. He was an evil man. So impressed by Tara. She deserves a medal. She kicked some ass!

  39. @sbb577 my husband and I watch together, and try to be the first to come up with "who done it" or who dies....and last night about 20 minutes in, he said "nobody dies! And I said "yes it's the other sister! That's why she hasn't been interviewed!". Ugh, I hate it when he figures it out before me lol

  40. @skemeena71 my brother and I do the same...he lives in another state so we text. We both thought the other daughter. I bet neither of them have a relationship with their mom anymore. That’s why one wasn’t on the show and the other wasn’t interviewed on side of her mom.

  41. Ok. I’m a little angry with the mother. She’s lucky she has her daughter around. Pretty sure the daughter has some big time animosities towards mom. She the one who has to live the rest of her life with the horrific thing that happened In the meantime mom’s lonely and getting back out into dating scene. BTW. Go TWD

  42. Such a tease.

  43. @jamiebachicha #swoon

  44. @gracebachicha I ❤️ him!

  45. @jamiebachicha me too!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  46. @anna_madden omg just seeing this lol