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Tune in today from 1-2pm!!! #Repost  @openandhonestradio with @get_repost ・・・ Part 1....In honor of #throwbackthursday  check out one of the past discussions on @openandhonestradio. Did @dr_heavenly tell @therealdrjackie that her “intimacy” wasn’t all of that. 🤔😱👀 . . #blogtalk  #worldstar  #hitradio  #openandhonest #openandhonestradio #drjackie #drheavenly #marriedtomedicine #marriedtomed #talkshow #open #honest #radio #bravo


  1. Leave it to Dr Heavenly lol love her

  2. Where’s this interview on?

  3. Jackie, keep your standards because Heavenly like to hear 👂🏽 herself talk and for the most not talking any sense. As a woman and a Christian, you should be triumphantly agreeing and supporting women and men wanting to value their bodies more and understanding the power of their sexual power. #Jackiefan

  4. 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Dr. Heavenly needs to spend a few years on therapist couch because she has issues in addition to NO class....hmmm sometimes I wonder if she’s acting this way to stay relevant on Married to Meds. or is she really loud and classless I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and be empathetic

  6. Dr. Heavenly is irritating. I really dislike her attitude along with her voice AND her accent. I would not want that loud ass opinionated pretentious person to be my dentist

  7. Can’t stand Heavenly, her new name should be HELL & EVIL SHES SUCH A MEAN PERSON. Not trying to be mean but how come every time I see Shreck I think of Heavenly....??🤔

  8. I love this.. you and Heavenly are great together.... funny, entertaining, informative, & life of the freaking party... @dr_heavenly @therealdrjackie

  9. I do my research and I know what I'm doing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ok @dr_heavenly

  10. Heavenly always looks like she is smelling shit. Her facial expressions are unbecoming; it's getting old, like her.

  11. That’s right, Jackie. That’s your gold and every man ain’t worthy of it. Don’t matter if no one else thinks it’s golden. I say that all of the time. Thank you, @therealdrjackie !

  12. @monieyep 😩😂😂

  13. Heavenly gotta smart ass mouth

  14. @princesskdw @bmasterpiece1

  15. @jesjazzy_ smart mouth and annoying

  16. @mekalya87 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  17. @therealdrjackie love your spirit! Love that you are the voice of reason and yet always willing to hear the heart of others and most of all, love that you have CLASS on this show. Keep it up!

  18. Love you @therealdrjackie your Stuff is Made if Gold and Diamonds and Pearls with that being said you have the say so! Happy Saturday Blessings... ❤️🙌🏾

  19. Think this the other way around typically when overly confident about your sex it's typically garbage

  20. @draelicious 😆

  21. @tinna_s 😂

  22. Dr heavenly is a woman after my heart and I love you to Dr. Jackie yin and yang ❤❤

  23. When she calls her husband "DADDY", it makes my stomach turn, she's evil unless she just took the name heavenly, her mommy messed her ass up, 🤔👿

  24. #drheavenly you going to hell