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We are talking Relationships! #Jay  says men remember what you say when your mad. And will leave when they get on their feet ... Your thoughts? Tune in TODAY at 1 pm on @worldstarhitradio I’ll be going live on IG. #Follow  @Dr_Heavenly @openandhonestradio with @therealdrjackie and #DrHeavenly  #Jay  and #BigSexy . #relationshipgoals #Sex #Health #HotTopics and more! #married2med


  1. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  2. Most men dont want an indentured servant.. not a wife.

  3. Please record and upload these if totally watch you two on a show like this

  4. I wish I could hear you guys here in Mississippi @therealdrjackie and @dr_heavenly

  5. Listen @mrs_lovely_t

  6. Loved it Dr. Heavenly!! Is it every Friday @dr_heavenly ?

  7. @s.grace_ful It was on their live

  8. you have a lot of men out here want to be taken care of I miss the old school when men' used to be men

  9. @sheistoscameschell every other Friday

  10. @s.grace_ful you can

  11. @iammikorich ok done. But you can listen live at

  12. @annettesmith6565 true. In my opinion it’s not acceptable

  13. @dr_heavenly true

  14. @annettesmith6565 It’s so gross when men are that way. I don’t see how the women can even get aroused by men they have to take care of. Really a turn off.

  15. @dr_heavenly sure will!!! Now how do I get involved in some of the woman’s empowerment events !!! I own a Mentoring and family services Co. And it would be a blessing to join up with powerful influential black Woman such as you two

  16. @annettesmith6565 @dr_heavenly @therealdrjackie @openandhonestradio Please visit this topic soon on the show. There seems to be A LOT of men out here, unfortunately, who feel like #BigSexy but NEVER say how they should take care of their woman on a day to day basis. #idontwantbathwaterranforme😒

  17. Heavenly you are so disrespectful and immature. To be a grown woman and talk about someone’s mother is very distasteful. Grow up!!

  18. Why dr Jackie look like she spaced out?

  19. @_princerdp

  20. Best right and when a woman has to take care of me is a shame because hes missing something but he can I get this same respect as a hard work Amanda brings his money home

  21. Women lack in patience. We pick all the wrong men to settle down with and there’s a new breed of men these days. Men want to be able to do what they want and not be challenged on their decision; while sitting on their hands when it comes to working. They’re lacking the motivation and drive. Real talk!😏

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  23. A relationship should come 99% from both parties. 1% is me time. A foundation is built on trust & LOYALTY on both ends. Financial security from both ends. Love is the most AMAZING part bcuz U should want that person to feel exactly what they are giving🖤💖