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  1. @samhhuddleston but whyyyyy 10pm

  2. @cassiebonanno

  3. Yesssssssssss!!! @catgeekgettingfit

  4. Can’t wait!

  5. Prime time gold

  6. Yay! Counting down to Dateline showtime! 👍😃

  7. @_tiffanyandco._ 😊😏😌

  8. @jenylauren yessssssssssss

  9. We will be watching from @mallorya87 ‘s BACHELORETTE PARTY!

  10. And all is good with the world again.

  11. @_adrianamarisol

  12. @thewass OMG we need a picture of this please please please

  13. @erin_huddles network schedulers rule our world...

  14. @saraliz017

  15. YAS QUEEN YASSSSSS @shigahon

  16. @johnnydigges OMG 😍

  17. @karaduffy0506 just what the doctor ordered!!!

  18. So....Dirty!!!!

  19. @lukeminton

  20. @datelinenbc I'll be there with my chicken soup and wine. It'll be awesome Keith but wear a mask I don't want to get you sick. 😉

  21. Can’t wait. 🤗 my Friday Night Date! Just listened to the podcast just before Christmas. So glad DL is doing the story. Watching from Kimberley British Columbia 🇨🇦.

  22. @jcounsellor IM SO EXCITED! 😍😍😍

  23. @jessneighbors YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. @kmdigges 💪🙄

  25. The Megyn Kelly show was playing in the background while I was getting ready this morning and she totally spilled the beans on tonight’s episode?! How is she allowed to air that before the episode airs 🤔😒 so rude

  26. @kdazz_0 as the kids say "Yas, Queen"

  27. @lukeminton *Yas, Keith

  28. Keith is the bomb!!!

  29. I can’t wait @brekristyn @bmbhernandez lawl

  30. @maggiejlaura perfect night to get snowed in and dateline-ified!

  31. @datelinenbc duh, already have my Dateline socks packed and the group photo op planned in my head.

  32. YES! Love Keith!

  33. @emped91 they have an Instagram!! 😂

  34. @janiscaldwell podcast of DatelineNBC?

  35. I have to dvr this episode, but can’t wait to watch it!

  36. @barbie62 no just on phone podcast under Dirty John it is a 5 episode podcast of the story what is airing tonight

  37. Ooooo Thank God.. How I missed you.. 😊

  38. All in !

  39. @njfeldma

  40. Yea Yea...Best thing on TV!!!

  41. Sad all of killings but the best programming 👍🏻🙏🏻

  42. @rachlucko 🙌🏻

  43. 10 is so late 😓

  44. @pkoenig1 we'll have to catch it on demand tomorrow!

  45. I will be watching

  46. @jenylauren we can always count on Keith lol

  47. I prefer the 2-hour shows. 👍🏼 But I will watch all Dateline shows! 💕

  48. @melissastalling date night!! 😚

  49. @socialdeeoc

  50. @ceskaholka 💕💕

  51. Im watching

  52. My sweet tea & popcorn awaits. Along with my lovely warm blanket as it is cold in Oklahoma right now. Yay for @datelinenbc & Keith oh my lands! #itistime #dateline FRI-YAY 🎉🎉💥👊

  53. @10_lady i know right.

  54. too bad it’s so late!!! 😫

  55. But the question it REALLY friday and was this REALLY Dateline???????

  56. Keith is my favorite! 👏🏻

  57. So looking forword to this tonight,snacks all planned out,I'm ready!

  58. @mramberclark love the hashtag #sotwisty

  59. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  60. Omg finally a new one!! @cbstalling

  61. @annehoensheid

  62. I ❤️you my Dateline but 10 PM On a Friday, after the week I had? I don’t think I can do it but I will try. Thank goodness for DVR, and on-demand. And I’m trying to prepare for Olympic season, because I know that’s going to affect my Dateline as well🙄

  63. Hooorrraaay..a NEW ONE! I'm making my husband's dinner right now, also packing his lunch for work tomorrow... I'M ALL YOURS AT TEN!!!📺📺📺📺😏😂😎😝

  64. @sharoneileend it’s all. Bit of a nightmare isn’t it? Sorry you had the week you had.

  65. @oldskoolcountry you sure are making good use of your extra time before Dateline starts!

  66. My best Friday night is a glass of wine, snuggling my pup and Dateline. I’m a 32 year old Grandma. 👵🏻

  67. Awesome ending! Boy did he get what he deserved!

  68. @nesslovezlife this made me happy 🙌🏻🙌🏻lol

  69. I missed it 😭😭 I was out on flightline duty all night

  70. @mik_jo_al_lil YEEEEEES! 🤘🏼

  71. That was one of the best ones I’ve seen!

  72. @janiscaldwell I will have to look it up later! Thanks!

  73. @sharoneileend Sharon, during the Olympics, if you need a @datelinenbc

  74. @sharoneileend and you have On Demand Channel, then you can go back and replay some of the shows. I love @datelinenbc and I love the olympics, so what I suggested is what I will be doing !

  75. @jwhitneynic Dateline liked your comment 🤩🤭