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  1. Your #mcm @fifty_shadesofclay

  2. Can't wait!!!

  3. I can’t wait until tomorrow night!!!! 🍿 🍫 🍷

  4. I can’t wait!!

  5. Oh yes. Bring it 👊

  6. @mere.d88

  7. Ohh well hello there I’m available for that love Keith how about @datelinenbc at 9pm tomorrow. What do you say?

  8. So ready for tomorrow!! So thankful to have you back on!! 🙌🙌🎉🎉

  9. Yessss .... My show 😍... His voice tho still gives me chills ....😂😂😂

  10. @reiko_katsumi yesssss

  11. Oh Keith!! Love........didn't you what makes this show number 1 to all of us!!

  12. @brittany_banks18

  13. @brittany_banks18

  14. Keith can have more than a moment of my time 😉

  15. 10:00?!?! 😴😴😴

  16. #cleankeith 🤣

  17. Ohhh soothing 🙌🙊🙊

  18. Miss u Keith!

  19. @caitlaf615 new year, same Friday nights with Keith

  20. Oh hello Keith....It seams like forever since I've heard that voice and Dateline. I'll be waiting for tomorrow night. Dinner and Dateline. Oh what a wonderful treat 😍🥂❤

  21. Omg that voice! I could just set Keith on repeat and he would soothe me right to sleep 🙂

  22. @jjs_simple_joys well@we hope he can have an hour tomorrow!

  23. Your voice, who doesn’t know what’s on DATELINE ..

  24. @jeajud we say yes if you’re on central or mtn time. 10 if east/west

  25. Yessssssss this promo is everything lolollllll love that voice love that face @e_danielle_johnson 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  26. @usclee05

  27. Keith is my hero! #dateline #keithistheman

  28. Keith Morrison's delivery = always on point.👌🏾

  29. @datelinenbc Keith can have all of my time!

  30. @datelinenbc Keith can have all of my time!

  31. @kdawnmerin omg I love him lol

  32. Kinda...I heard the pod cast and wondered wtf are these people.

  33. Love to Listen to you Keith💜

  34. Woweeeee can’t wait!!! I am a @dateline addict 🔪

  35. @datelinenbc I'll be there 😷🤒🍲🍵🥄with the flu. 😢😭

  36. @nanaalwaysandforever ughhhh feel better pound back those water/tea beverages

  37. @dannerly we have to watch!

  38. @datelinenbc I'll definitely drink. Thanks

  39. I can’t wait to spend it with you Keith!

  40. Keith said "dirty john" omg.

  41. @j0j0montana 😂😂😂😂

  42. @virginiacruzguajardo it's the little things in life... 😂

  43. @j0j0montana ik👍👍👍👍Ilove Dateline 👍👍

  44. @nanaalwaysandforever Same 😫

  45. If loving #KeithMorrison and his #iconicvoice is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!!! ❤️ #dirtykeith Lol

  46. Hell yeah! I loved that podcast! Love you Dateline and Keith of course.

  47. @kspeedster are you getting sick of Keith posts yet?

  48. @datelinenbc Dateline, you never fail #wowfactor !!

  49. @nickimbader

  50. I’ll watch for the story. I’ll stay to see what Keith leans on.

  51. @realhousewifeofseagirt feel better. 🍲🍊🥄

  52. @laurlolove 😍😍😍

  53. Keith can have a moment of my time😍. #watching #dateline #friday💜

  54. @stillmatic19

  55. Thank GEEZUS tomorrow is #DatelineFriday

  56. Omg! I loved this podcast!!!❤️

  57. Omg can't wait!!! I will be glued to the tv.

  58. @elettieb @jaciejazzyjeff

  59. This is so good. I'll be checking in for certain!

  60. The Vin Scully of this

  61. @datelinenbc he sure can 😊

  62. Would you equate Dirty John with love???

  63. @gleemartin Yesssssssss

  64. Will be watching !

  65. @nanaalwaysandforever You too! Keith always makes it better lol

  66. @nkotha3 @meeshward @jenimjen Friday night people.

  67. @annieflessor

  68. Creepy post! But, Dirty John special tonight! @spencerjane

  69. @alexmarieb yesssssss

  70. @_adrianamarisol

  71. @christine.palumbo omg yes I don’t want to do anything else tonight

  72. @lisyljj 😬

  73. @danny_o1985 If I can stay awake....!! ❤️☠️

  74. Can't wait!