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  1. @maando11

  2. @lynzw829 tell @charjojohansson to tune in!

  3. @liza.eee @katiesanburn @ms.destinyrose From the Dirty John Podcast!!!!!!!

  4. @caseythomas10 dirty John!!!!!

  5. @the_banded_duck

  6. @elizabethender adorable!!! 🐶😍

  7. @sierralyman_

  8. @tmvictorino

  9. New episode Friday night @kwalks81 @kateness1985

  10. I remember listening to the podcast & thinking how it should be a Dateline episode - SO excited for this!!!

  11. @hlizsmithhh the story from the dirty John podcast.

  12. So excited !!!

  13. @melanietorrey we need to watch!!!

  14. at first, i thought this was a post by @korndiddy about @bowiethepooch

  15. I just heard this podcast!! It is so good, can't wait for the dateline version!

  16. @curiousmissm I'm going to miss it! :-(

  17. @danagwalker

  18. @aussieebandit

  19. ❤️❤️❤️

  20. 😍😍😍

  21. @amandairel dateline and dogs. Does it get any better?!

  22. @allypele

  23. @lmd5572 @hlizsmithhh #dirtyjohn

  24. @debrybin @steve_rede. I need to watch this dateline show.. Her Aussie saved her life somehow 👍

  25. @makeupbytiffanyd Girl you got me hooked on Dirty John (and Up and Vanished) when you mentioned it in a video, I loved it! Please keep the podcast recommendations coming!

  26. watched it! loved it! love them!

  27. Best Dateline I’ve seen in a long time. So happy the women and Cash 🐕 are all ok and that evil man got what he deserved.

  28. I Dateline in a long time. @amberiffic1111.

  29. @pai_mae totally watching right now bet literally muting every time that chick starts talking 🙅🏼‍♀️

  30. Wow what a story ‼️Thank Goodness for her relentless Super Slooth daughter Terra good job listening to your extincts ! Terra looks just like Kelly Clarkson!

  31. One of the absolute best dateline episodes I’ve watched in awhile ❤️