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GROW PUBIC HAIR OR GO BARE???? Give me ur thoughts! What are the benefits of pubic hair? 1. It lowers the risk of sexually transmitted infections like genital warts. 2. Increases sensation bc hair follicles have more nerve endings which will help you reach the maximum potential sensation. 3. It lessons moisture and helps u to stay dry. 4. It regulates body temp. 5.It secretes pheromones - excreted chemical factor that triggers social response usually sensually. 6. It lessen skin irritation due to waxing and shaving. So it begs the question: does having hair down there make any difference other than the visual aesthetics? Is it merely decorative? Or are there other benefits to your health?🗡🗡🗡 #teamdrjackie  #marriedtomed  #married2med  #Dr .Jackie #bravotv  #fitni #fitisthenewit #ME. #selflove #selfmotivation #selfdetermination #openandhonestradio #truth #50shadesofpinkfoundation #breastcancerawareness #cwobgyn #womenshealth #womendoctors


  1. @tippy2335 not necessarily true. I know some who shaves under their arms (now underarms I do shave for aesthetic reason) and still have strong odor. Sometimes it just depends on the individuals chemistry, what they eat, meds they take etc. It’s not because they have hair.

  2. @fit_n_cute_tee some people smell simply because of their body chemistry. It can also be because of the foods you eat, alcohol intake and meds you take. It’s not simply because you have hair.

  3. Grow hair. But, keep it short and trimmed.

  4. Bare via razors

  5. Grow hair but trim it.

  6. I prefer bare. I myself prefer a male to be bare as well.... some men are not comfortable with it but it looks better. @therealdrjackie please follow up with this story

  7. I thought hair makes you sweat more and creates odor?????😒🤗

  8. @anaangelss great question !!

  9. Hair but trim

  10. Grow the hair but keep it trimmed!!! 😘👌🏾😉 @naeeenerrr

  11. Grow Be Free. Right, it was given for a reason. Ladies, I understand as wives and girlfriends it's not that easy sometimes. Tell Him obedience is better than sacrifice. Groom it neatly He will be alright!! I always keep some hair near the sensitive areas although I'm not sexually active at the moment! #message

  12. Hair has a purpose... Leave things God placed there alone... trim... all that shaving and waxing causes more issues than not... people like the aesthetics but the benefits outweigh the risk... lastly take a bath... if we were not meant to smell our glands wouldn't exist!

  13. Keep what God gave us, but trimmed!

  14. I keep a hat on mine. She has hair at the top, but i get her waxed around the sides

  15. @3peascatering me too. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  16. Grow hair 100%

  17. @30_phenomenal_30 I agree with you 100%

  18. Keep hair and clean it. Besides I've never had a guy go eww hair and walk away. Lol and stop using fragrant soaps down there u are messing up the ph balance and causing all kinds of things to happen down there.

  19. I'm a woman, I swear a lot I use cotton panties and I live my private area to be bare.

  20. Wax that prickly hair away... Hair that sits beneath a load of clothes without air getting all smelly lol... gets caught in jeans zips, is unsightly when your bikini gets wet, gives you crotch sweat marks whilst working you...there are no positives except the money you save on not getting waxed💋

  21. @nardledge24

  22. @jennyd322.jd Right.... bih think you got crabs it something.

  23. @melancholyintroversion ive always wondered loll is it ok? Is not? Lol will she judge me?

  24. Not bare but close. 👩👩👩....

  25. Just keep it very short and easy to clean.

  26. @3peascatering Me too.

  27. Hair but trim and use only sensitive/fragrance free soap and your clean hands to wash down there... air dry ☺️

  28. Leave the hair

  29. Go bare. Smell Fair❤️

  30. GO BARE!! Hair is disgusting and it smells no thank you 😬

  31. Keep the hair, but keep it trimmed.

  32. Go Bare. It looks bad and smells bad. It also sweats. Ain’t nothing like some clean fresh PATOONIE.

  33. Just make sure you're well kept down there ✌❤

  34. Bare.i keep it 100 with u all.if u have hair down there keep it bald fade.lmbo.go bare.and don't use nair it burns through your skin.

  35. Bare I got laser

  36. I got lasered and I love it

  37. @alwaysclassyashley yes it does! Glad it wasn't just me. Thought I was Uber sensitive. LOL

  38. Definitely hair.

  39. Dr.Jackie, i have to shave and wax "there" because if don't it's very uncomfortable, i sweat and itch.So, i think it depends on the person

  40. 60 years old going to keep growing my hair. Although it needs a trim every now and than.

  41. Okay Dr Jackie school some of these ladies on how pubic hair only smells bad if you don’t keep it clean.🤦🏽‍♀️ wash it daily please

  42. @tashadenmark lol

  43. @shbrownsugar 🤣🤣🤣 but the truth

  44. Who whats comfortable for u most hoes dont like hair..

  45. GO BARE!!!

  46. Go bare, f*ck hair! Bahaha

  47. @_blue_virgo_ if that’s the case then don’t shave your mustache, under your arms, legs or do anything to your eyebrows. Can’t pick & choose what to keep. Just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️

  48. @nurseandchill003 what does being a std/hiv have to do with ingrown hairs or folliculitis? 🤔

  49. @nurseandchill003 std/hiv RN*

  50. Grow hair, but keep it trimmed a lil.. I dont like bare..

  51. @therealdrjackie Go bare! I have Hydronitis (sp) and shaving reduces flare-ups.

  52. @nurseandchill003 you do know that the outside and inside of the vagina work hand in hand in the diagnosis of syphilis, herpes, and warts right? So as a RN specializing in STD/ HIV you have to be able to educate and know the difference between those diseases and folliculitis. But I take it that you’re not a RN, would that be accurate?

  53. @nurseandchill003 I should also mention that folliculitis is not limited to only women, it just occurs more frequently in that gender because women shave more often.

  54. Bare Bare Bare

  55. @kdunk5 👀😂 read it now all of it lol

  56. Bald as a baby's head!

  57. Team Go bare

  58. Grow hair! Healthier!

  59. @shbrownsugar right! It’s a big difference between “body scent” and “body odor.”🤦🏾‍♀️

  60. Bare... tropical climate.. it’s hot .. I have nooo hair

  61. @smoove_mcgroove24 I don’t. Just shape up the fly aways on the eyebrows is all. Team natural over here! 🤷🏾‍♀️

  62. No man wants to have to go through a forest to find your coochie! BARE ALL DAY! Lol. It’s all in how you groom yourself and if you don’t want STDs, use protection.

  63. @freakytye_7 @big_ego516 @chocolocks pubic hair or go bare Dr. Jackie speaks

  64. A little hair is okay just trim. . Not completely bald

  65. @misslibra_1021 bare... bare... bare

  66. @misslibra_1021 I read up on this awhile ago it’s healthier to have no bare

  67. @beautifully_created_36 that’s not true. I know a few men who have said they rather hair. My husband is one... so I trim.

  68. Society has really made ppl think that hair is nasty smh. It’s natural

  69. Well groomed hair down there and everywhere

  70. I have hair i shave it all off every other month or so typ start fresh but I always get hair bumps so

  71. @crazieassjazz if you exfoliate everyday you won’t get the bumps

  72. Bare all day 💁🏾‍♀️

  73. @embrace_your_beauty84 with what i tried facial scrub but only on top part shit broke me out 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️ i was scared to put it any further didn't want an infection

  74. @crazieassjazz lol I go to European wax and use their products. Do you have one by u?

  75. Landing strip..just make sure the hair is clean..

  76. @embrace_your_beauty84 not sure never tried waxing always scared to let tgem see my vagina but, I'm a try it

  77. @crazieassjazz 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you can get your own personal water that u see every time. And I did t care cuz we both have the same stuff lol. I love ❤️ that place. Your first wax is 50% off

  78. @embrace_your_beauty84 im in atlanta you live here ?? If so where do you go

  79. @crazieassjazz I’m in Chicago but they are in ATL. My friend goes to one

  80. I prefer both.. Just a little bit of hair not so much

  81. @living_daily word.

  82. @crazieassjazz if you're sensitive and get hair bumps when you shave you may have some irritation with waxing too I know I have the same problem and I have to be careful with trying use different trying to exfoliate down there and end up with a yeast infection just keep it trimmed, I wouldn't try to wax or shave

  83. @ina_leagueofmyown yea I tried to exfoliate i broke out immediately after but defiantly don't need any infections yeah i just try to line but, thats it

  84. @keishatooclassy so it's not just me who sensitive

  85. @crazieassjazz I'm the same way so I get it you have to do what's best for you not everything works for everybody especially if you're sensitive I know I'm super sensitive even to scent so I have to watch what I use the struggle is real so I get it I wouldn't recommend wax with you if you're sensitive to razors and exfoliants

  86. Barely there. Not bare!!

  87. Grow hair

  88. I noticed that I do sweat more when I wax which I thought was contradictory to being bald but you @therealdrjackie make great points so maybe not a bush but a little hair will stay

  89. @vashawty7

  90. Go bare

  91. Keep the hair fuck bare

  92. Wow! Good info. Didn't know. I'll def carry hair now, not too much but no more Brazilian. Thanks @therealdrjackie

  93. I prefer to keep a landing strip. So, a little hair.

  94. I prefer bare .. Never waxed and I'm glad I didn't try it.... Thanks @therealdrjackie

  95. Go bare and don't look back

  96. @b1219_1012 ...

  97. @purp10 🤦‍♀️😩

  98. Wow, thank u for that Dr. Jackie! I didn't know pubic hair was so important🤗

  99. So Dr do grow hair or do you go bare

  100. Blessed! I have never had to shave even my under arms. Barely have hair naturally. Shaved once for the hype. DID NOT LIKE. I'm great with leaving her be.

  101. Ummmm, I prefer trimmed. Can't do bushes or bareness.

  102. Wow! I didn't know the importance of pubic hair. I will trim instead of bare...

  103. I must need it or God wouldn't have included it when He created Eve..

  104. I agree!

  105. Grow hair however maintenance

  106. Thanks for the insight on pubic hair I never knew the importance of it very good information.

  107. In between.. Those ingrown hairs are trash on your vag! Shape up..

  108. @cezannemorden

  109. @dragoslavzuber ha ha fuck off

  110. @adeeogun thoughts?

  111. @dragoslavzuber you blocked for this

  112. @adeeogun no like please watch it

  113. Go bare, I feel cleaner!

  114. @queenisthatytle

  115. Thanks @therealdrjackie I will stop going bare.

  116. Go bare! Good info @therealdrjackie

  117. I wouldn't say go bare but definitely shape up or trim down.

  118. I would think it's appropriate to get trimmed so hair doesnt hang out panties and keep low so it doesn't look like you have DON KING in a leg lock 😂😂

  119. Go bare!

  120. @llmari_marll

  121. Bare. Bare. Bare!!! Feels clean. Stays fresh!! 🌸💐🌷🌺

  122. @mrs_jacksonifyanasty 😱

  123. @sheabuda

  124. Some hair is ok. Just not bald all the time.