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  1. Can't wait

  2. @bcs1030 dateline tomorrow ... dirty John

  3. Ooh intriguing! I'll be front and center watching.

  4. @missmse All is right in the world again

  5. Yay! I really enjoyed the podcast, can’t wait to see this episode!

  6. @lyss0425

  7. Can we watch this pallleeaasseee @wettoesandwhoknows

  8. @jwolin10 Friday night date 🙌🏼 #allnew #keithleaningonstuff

  9. 10:00!? Oh man, if it’s a 2 hour episode I’m gonna be up waaaayy past my bedtime lol

  10. Whoa buddy!!!👏🏽👏🏽

  11. @karisshock @laurlolove @ashn0318

  12. @thecumbie I know what we will be doing Friday night!! Poppy’s first dateline! 😂😂

  13. @nicmjen just one hour!

  14. @sarsarmama leaning on everything

  15. @nkrmills5

  16. @sorayapremji

  17. I will be watching!!!

  18. This was a great podcast - I can’t wait to watch!

  19. @goderda can’t wait

  20. @jaimefanciullo 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  21. @keemack John...he's so dirty! 😬👍

  22. @jamiebachicha

  23. This was the craziest podcast, all I could think of was I can't wait to see this on dateline! @brooke.blau @bobbiejane @emywag

  24. @amtracks did you start this podcast??

  25. Such a good podcast. Can’t wait!

  26. Can’t wait to see it on tv!

  27. @heathermcdonald Are you going to watch?

  28. @cinthialeeper you ready?

  29. @sarsarmama I’m in! 👍

  30. @conner_adam51 -:)

  31. @ash_milholland 4 shizzle my ninja

  32. Can’t wait to watch @datelinenbc 🤗🤗

  33. @kellzwilz @caitapplegate did we know this account existed?!?

  34. @nycoleabela omg ali sent me a screenshot from this the other day..Need to follow!

  35. My Datenight with Dateline...Ice cream and cake on the menu 🍧🍰...maybe some red wine🍷

  36. @leah_micco_fritsch !!

  37. @marlenestacey @emily.bev

  38. @88td I can't wait to watch this!!!

  39. @88td I can't wait to watch this!!!

  40. If I don’t have cable can I watch somewhere else?

  41. @mackenziedutton @kierra @carohiatt @careyb4me @seadotmarie @sandigordon1


  43. This podcast was awesome!

  44. @halleewalsh @kelserinaa @ashleyah22 tonight! Dirty John story on dateline!

  45. @mgorman1020

  46. @marlenestacey me too! Watching now!