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  1. Love that blouse!!

  2. YES! CANNING! 👩🏼💕

  3. @matthowrad 🤓

  4. Can't wait!!! I'll comment later, don't want to ruin it for everyone!! Must watch! #myhometown @datelinenbc

  5. #illbethere

  6. @fatf8ce

  7. @alyssiapremji

  8. Can’t wait! Love ❤️ this show!

  9. @madisontilton

  10. Love Dateline and your your show.

  11. Cute top, Andrea👌🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  12. Andrea, you and Keith are my faves! Well, I love Josh too. Oh hell, love all you guys over there at @datelinenbc can't wait!!!

  13. my Fri night date 😗😘😚

  14. @richie163rich TONIGHT

  15. @hicks8787

  16. @stefanib1113 ❤️

  17. I ❤️u @datelinenbc! I always feel guilty because obviously there is a victim and a hurting family☹️but i so look forward to our Friday nights together!.

  18. I here you @amohaf stinks you wanna watch knowing there's a bad outcum but i have said & will say,this show is addicting lol ..and i also want a app strictly for DATELINE shows from season 1 episode 1 till current ..i think that would be a AWSOME IDEA

  19. @datelinenbc Cannot wait!!!

  20. Can't wait!!

  21. Im watching now

  22. So excited! Andrea, where is this adorable ruffle top from? 😍

  23. I watched friday....unbelievable 🙁