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  1. @christaaaaaa if your around the field tonight?!

  2. Can't wait, it's Dateline date night tonight!!!! Don't watch it alone!!!!

  3. I've seen this story. It's so weird!

  4. @_tiffanyandco._

  5. @josie_8_0 ALLLL NEWWW

  6. @datelinenbc I thought you where going to say bar. They walked into a bar. I better watch.

  7. ready....😊😁😀🤗

  8. @_tiffanyandco._ alright alright

  9. Sounds like a bar in Twin Peaks

  10. On it .....

  11. Ohhh weee!!! Didnt see this twist!!

  12. That twist tho!

  13. Online link isn't working!!! Help!! 😭😭

  14. The places people allow their minds to go to all for the greed of money and control!! Look where they are now. Right where most of it ends, thankfully no one was killed!!

  15. Online link not working for me either

  16. @georgiaeliades UGH! We're reporting it, sorry!

  17. @georgiaeliades same

  18. Online link not working- so bummer!! :(

  19. @georgiaeliades kick back and have a glass, though? @datelinenbc #winenot

  20. @winebabe reaching for the bottle now!

  21. @georgiaeliades what kind?

  22. @winebabe Arizona white (yep they have wineries there, who knew)

  23. @georgiaeliades @datelinenbc going to be drunk at this rate waiting for this ep to load 🤷🏼‍♀️

  24. @winebabe oh, no, this is a nightmare! So sorry.

  25. @datelinenbc sounds like a rough night! Join us in a glass. What do you think @winebabe? 🍻🥂

  26. @georgiaeliades @datelinenbc yes!! Hang in there!! Wine definitely helps :) also DM me, I'd love to send you some customized wine glasses, date lined themed of course 😝

  27. This one was nutso @datelinenbc!