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  1. @hockeynut69ca

  2. @lilmisssunshine53

  3. @krankthatkc ITS GUNNA BE GOOD

  4. Ummm, all new and her outfit!😍💁🏼

  5. Oh snap @dwatkins14

  6. @kellyswork Cameras ✔️make up artist✔️sinister plot✔️

  7. @iamnotbono

  8. Yay!! All new ! 💚💛

  9. Yes!! Will be watching😀❤

  10. cute sogood 😛😝

  11. Ohhh, do tell!!🤔

  12. I KNEW Andrea was bold enough to wear her superhero white after Labor Day. When she does it, it's no fashion crime. She's perfect.

  13. @paigerandre 🙋🏻

  14. Go back to 9:00 ET

  15. @kathren922 we will in three weeks!

  16. ALL! NEW!!!!!

  17. How does Andrea Canning have 5 kids???

  18. Talk about cliffhanger!

  19. She is so hot 🔥

  20. @lizzziekins she is so gorgeous

  21. Um, where is Keith?!

  22. @samlfreedman

  23. @kittie1978 working on his two-hour episode for the season premiere!

  24. Thank You :)

  25. @z_brunette30 I'm for sure recording this.

  26. @datelinenbc yay 2 hours

  27. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  28. Waking up and seeing this!!!!! What a way to start my Friday!!!!! Wooooo!!!!!!!

  29. @schulzbro

  30. Hate when you're trying to plan a murder and the police get involved, they always screw up the plan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Adorable dress, Andrea👌🏼💕

  32. Definitely will be watching.

  33. @ricky_thedragonsnake

  34. Thanks for this awesome episode @datelinenbc! Amazing poker face Andrea, cause when the doctor made excuses and started crying I was laughing so hard my neighbor banged on my wall to keep it down 😆😂😭 #LMBO

  35. @alyssa_whitney i have this recorded!!!