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  1. #butsomeonewillstillcommentabouttheirdisdainforrepeats #oraskifitisarepeat #somaybeweallknow #ordowe #somearefanswithoutactuallyhavinganydetectiveskills


  3. Lmao @kelsey_klim and @kn_3150 the hashtags on this one made my day

  4. Is this a new episode? @datelinenbc

  5. Was last night a repeat? My dvr is supposed to record first run but it didn't @datelinenbc 😡😡

  6. @datelinenbc there should be two episode's on Friday's and on weekends. 😃😀👀

  7. @mowerys @datelinenbc Wait is tonight a repeat? I HATE repeats! But is it one? Because I'm mad that my favorite show doesn't cater to my every command 52 weeks a year! Other shows only give me 22 new episodes a year but I demand you produce new murders year round! 😂

  8. @datedateline 💯😂

  9. I love dateline on Saturday but always seems to be canceled for another show😢

  10. That pier looks like cabaret dancers lined up. 🤷🏽‍♂️