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    Y U K A
    Handmade natural skincare. Free from everything that harms your body. 💚 🌱 🌿 Created in Germany.

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You know what - ALL cleansing bars will be available again on 26th of November, as well as the soap dishes. 🎉 Isn't that a good news?
Told you yesterday that there's coming something new. Tadaaa, here it is! Gerda - our travel set, consisting of a light tin and a luffa sponge. Come over to our shop. 😊
We're planning something new for you. It has something to do with this buddy ahead and travelling. Curious? Tomorrow we'll tell you a little more. 🤓
Last day of the 20% discount on your first order. Today's a good day to buy some christmas presents, isn't it? 🙃🎄
Perfect weather to take a bath. ☁
For all of you with sensitive skin: Almina is available again at the end of November.