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    Y U K A
    Handmade natural skincare. Free from everything that harms your body. 💚 🌱 🌿 Created in Germany.

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Gyde, our new cleansing bar for oily skin, will be available tomorrow.
No plastic. No compromise.
Currently we're brainstorming for new product ideas. Which cosmetics would you love to see in our shop? Thank you for your input. 💕
New year, new opportunities. On the 4th of February you can find us on our first green market (@dergruenemarkt) in Düsseldorf. We're already excited and hope to meet some of you there. ☺
How many of you have to fight against skin diseases like eczemas, rosacea, neurodermatitis etc? We know that natural cosmetics are no guarantee for recovery but don't you think it's worth giving it a try? Nature provides more healing power than you might imagine. 🌿😊
We hope that most of you have their gift and grocery shopping done and are going to have some calm and unstressful days. 😊