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    💟 self love ☮️ body positive ⚛️ crohn’s ☯️ ed recovery

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You’ll limit yourself if the soul is toxic. Healthy is happy. 🌷
Planning 2018. Don’t make resolutions, make absolutions!
Never set boundaries on all the ways you can express love, especially to yourself.
Day 3 of #IBDAwareness  - I’m grateful for my strength (mental and physical). Crohn’s has deteriorated my body down so many times. Osteopenia, arthritis, not being able to get out of bed, loss of extreme muscle mass, not being able to walk some days, etc. Mentally, it’s lead me to depression, body dysmorphia, anxiety, and hopelessness. I am grateful for being able to laugh and move as much I can. Finding the humor in all situations and dancing is something I NEVER take for granted. #myIBD  #ccfa