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❤️ My grandparents just celebrated 67 years of marriage. This is a photo of my Grandma when she was 17. My Grandaddy has kept this photo in his wallet for the last 70 years. We checked this trip & it’s still there. This photo is the first thing you see when you open his wallet. ❤️ Love is love is love is love.
Grandma’s classic Tupperware colander.
🥂 I gotta brag about my friend, @jbierman23 🍾 She can make a beautiful drink! Check out this POMEGRANATE CHERRY CHAMPAGNE PUNCH on the @reallyintothis blog. 🍒 I hope you all have a wonderful start to the New Year!
🍟 Oh, 2017! We had some really good times, but you were a lot like this tiny ass French Fry. • I was expecting more. • This time of year, I usually get super motivated, organized my hopes & dreams get next level. On January 2, reality sets in & I start to migrate back to what’s easy & expected. • Let’s hope, plan & do everything we can to make 2018 a huge ass, super-sized French Fry. One we can all share, relish & enjoy together! ❤️ Do you have any plans, goals or dreams for 2018? #reallyintothisblog  #reallyintothis