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    Claire Mills
    Co-Founder of Four Sides London. Physiotherapist, Pilates guru & innovator, fitness addict & wellness devotee ✨ Sweaty Betty ambassador 💞

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Day 5- Ski Fit Pilates: Leg pull series to work on controlled strength with an oblique focus. The leg lifts/ tucks will challenge the rotational control of the spine. Aim for 10 reps of each variation. You can always start with knees down in a half plank for the kicks/ tucks if needed! #skifit  #skiing  #skipilates  #pilates  #pilatesinstructor 
Day 3- Ski Fit Pilates: Foot Series. Great to work on control of the whole body in & out of a squat whilst targeting endurance of the quads & ankle mobility. Aim for 1 minute of each variation πŸ’₯ β›· #skifit  #skiing  #pilates  #pilatesinstructor  #physio  #foursideslondon
Day 2- Ski Fit Pilates: Side plank with rotation & hip dips πŸ’₯ A challenging but great endurance exercise for your obliques to help support rotational control of the back. Aim for 10 rotations, 10 hip dips each side x 2 sets. If this level is too hard you can modify by being in a side plank on your knees! Obviously wearing @sweatybetty 🧑 #skifit  #skiing  #strength  #control  #pilates  #physio #pilatesinstructor #foursideslondon