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I am always trying different subscription services, and Grove Collaborative is one of my favorites. They have natural, sage household products that you can trust. Come check out the review on the blog!
Never too late in the day for a Monkey Muffin.
🔪 Last week’s Top Chef was one of our favorites - ever! 🧡 Fatima’s grilled cheese croutons rocked our world in the Quick fire Challenge. 🔥 For the Elimination Challenge, we learned more about each Chef’s heritage & that inspired some amazing dishes! I’m looking at you @chefchris512 with your Lemonade Fried Chicken & Homemade Biscuits. We are still jonesing over that meal! Thank the Lord we hear there is a cookbook coming. Not sure the @reallyintothis crew can wait that long. A trip to @butterfunkkitchen may be in the works! 🍗 How about Last Chance Kitchen with the Cliffhanger?! Which Chef do we think will re-enter the competition? 👩🏻‍🍳👨🏾‍🍳 Jessica has her episode recaps on the blog, so you can get all caught up before Episode 5 tonight! #reallyintothisblog  #reallyintothis 
📺 It’s about that time! @challengemtv starts a new season tonight with, Vendettas! 🙌🏻 @MTV is mixing it up this season with some new, UK cast members & contestants from @cbs_bigbrother 🏆 Another format change is that all players are on his or her own. What will Johnny Bananas do without his alliance? How will these new cast members fit in with the old standbys? 🎪 It should be fun! Are you watching with us?#reallyintothisblog  #reallyintothis
📚 First read of the New Year! 🎊 To start of 2018, @kedge4383 & @stslusher are reading The Wife Between Us. Any other bookish friends reading this one? ・・・ More from Kim: First #book  of #2018  ~~I'm totally hooked already!! Let's see where this goes.. I definitely want to make assumptions even though it clearly states on the back of the book to assume nothing... • • Got awesome book mail last week but it was extra crazy and I haven't posted about them yet. That's this weeks insta goals. • • Again, thank you, @stmartinspress for my early copy! • • #reallyintothis  #reallyintothisblog