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🎧🧡🔪🧡🎧 You already know that we are a Really Into @bravotopchef . @packyourknives is a Podcast all about Top Chef & we are loving it! We are talking all about it on the blog. (Link in profile ☝🏼) . @kevin_arnovitz & @tom_haberstroh talk about Top Chef as if they are doing live color commentary. At times they use foul language, they can both throw the shade & they are like us – they are Really Into Top Chef! The Pack Your Knives Podcast is the perfect addition to the Top Chef family. . #reallyintothis  #reallyintothisblog 
🍽 Instagram is so cool. We saw @joythebaker share an easy brussels sprout recipe from @testkitchen on Friday. . Olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper & Parmesan. Let me tell you, we did the thing. Made it, ate it & loved it. Guess what? The kids liked it too. . Pair the brussel sprouts with a quick & easy Butternut Squash Pasta & this #sundaysupper  is a winner. Love the starting the week off on a belly full of good food & family gathered around the table. . What's on your plate? #reallyintothis  #reallyintothisblog 
My new #pandaplanner  came in the mail today and I can’t wait to test out its supposed life changing organization! Review coming soon!