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    Nick Nelson
    Chinese food. The arts. Nina Nelson. Eyebrows. Real Estate. ASL. Starbucks. Florida skies. Design.

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** Having your classmates from college in Orlando for the week - pretty cool ** Having your classmates stay at your vacation rental home during their week in Orlando - really really REALLY cool ** Watching your classmate absolutely NAIL her performance as a leading lady in the first national tour of School of Rock at Doctor Phillips Performing Arts Center - priceless
I was able to spend Christmas Eve with Mama and Grandma Pearl ♥️💚♥️💚
It's my little princess's 5th birthday today! I've had her for the last 3 years and couldn't imagine my life without her. Happy Birthday, Nina!!! #ninanelson 
SPARTA 2017 - This was my first obstacle course race I've ever done and I managed to make it out alive. Despite the 50 degree weather and random light showers, our group of 31 led by the incomparable @riverad217 and @crgongora, made it through all 13.5 miles and 33 obstacles. We scaled walls, swam through swamp clay water, walked 50 lb buckets of rocks through mud, jumped over fire along with a bunch of other obstacles that challenged me psychologically and physically. I almost cried, I almost puked and I'm walking with a bit of a limp, but I'm so glad I did it and can't wait for next year's