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It’s 2018. Let’s grab life by the Pokéballs.
Japan will never be the same 🇯🇵
Damn... grew up in Ohio hearing about the @MakeAWishAmerica Foundation, fast forward a few years & meeting me was the “Wish” of 8 amazing kids from across the globe 🌎 (Left to Right) Aidan, Nick, Sofia, Chloe, Chochboy, Salora, Derick, Callum and Elias - thanks for hanging & putting up with my loudness, y’all inspire me because NO MATTER what you’re going through, I couldn’t even tell, you all had smiles and were filled with laughter... the best way to live the one life we got. Much love. Hearts ♥️
The road to the 🔝 continues... Currently filming my badass movie @TheThinning 2: New World Order 💪🏼 COMING 2018