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    Leila Janah 💃🏻🌍
    Founder of @Samasource & @LXMIofficial - businesses in service of people and planet. Kitesurfer. Wilderness lover. Author of #GiveWork. 👇🏽👇🏽

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“Craftsmanship is a question of love.” I never felt much interest in the world of fashion — for me, the industry always felt disconnected from social impact and the things I value. But the world is changing, and the fashion industry is embracing sustainability and social good in ways I never imagined. The photos here are of the collection of one of the @hermes founders, and the little paper carriage was made of recycled materials by a nun. It symbolizes the way that everyday items become beautiful when they come together consciously. When they are made with love. One of our principles at @lxmiofficial is that beauty must resonate from every aspect of a luxury product — including how people are treated in the supply chain, how the product impacts the environment, and what happens to the product at the end of its life (is it recycled? Re-loved? Repurposed?) Soon, the norm will be supply chains that proactively do good, not just avoid the bad.
Bonjour from Paris! First trip after a long December in the hospital. Couldn’t be more excited to support sustainable fashion with a peek behind the scenes at Petit h, the @hermes atelier that makes beautiful design objects from discarded materials. Recycled, borrowed (like my outfit...) and shared is the new black ❤️ — soon, this will be the norm. Check out stories for more details...finally back in posting mode 😉 also, I can’t wait to see some of you in SF this coming week at Stanford for the ETL series on our work with @samasource and @lxmiofficial — I will share more on my newsletter in case you’d like to join the talk. Sign up at Thank you all so much for your support while I was out sick! Kept me going, and keeps me energized while I’m still healing 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Malick Sidibé! Paris! What a rare treat 🙏🏽❤️👁
From an epic trip through The Narrows last year at @zionnps in Utah...hard to imagine, but just walking slightly uphill is a strenuous workout for me these days. Heading off to Paris and SF in the next two weeks for some urban and beach-side jaunts. If you’ve ever been in recovery from a surgery, one of the things you learn is that our bodies are built for motion and the sooner you get (gently) moving, the faster your healing goes. So here’s to healing. And hiking. And conscious fashion (is there any other kind?): my @ecoalf recycled backpack and @samasource #givework  tee from @alternativeapparel ❤️🌿
SO INSPIRED. Last year, @samasource’s #samaschool  program trained over 500 people in gig economy skills as freelancers. We’ve been the only nonprofit working on this for some time, and it’s been a long and lonely the beginning, funders were beyond skeptical. Today, thanks to our incredible team, we are supported in NY and SF and plan to train over 5,000 people this year across the US. Change is possible when we dream big, stay true to our values, and work really freaking hard. #givework 
Did my first gentle yoga poses this week 5 weeks post-surgery...but oh how my body yearns to do backbends again! It’s so odd to feel constrained by injuries if you’re used to being healthy. One of the most powerful lessons I learned from my Big Sick month is to be deliriously happy every morning I wake up in good health. How many people are not so fortunate? They say that recovering from traumatic events can provide opportunities for spiritual growth. Three surgeries and forced bedrest somehow softened my wild soul 🙏🏽👁