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    CEO of Leave It 2 B Events, special events planner 👑 Co-Host of RealiTea-V podcast👑Lover of all things pretty 👑LA native 👑Las Vegas Resident

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Can’t believe I let myself get so lazy with eating and working out! I reached my heaviest weight of 197!😟Day 1 pic was taken first week of November! Haven’t did a weigh in during the month of January but so far I’ve lost 9 pounds, 3 inches around the waist,1.5 inches around both arms. I couldn’t have made the changes without the help of @acefitnesslv. The trainers have pushed me physically, mentally and have motivated me beyond what I thought! Excited to continue to get great results and continue giving it all I got! #weightlossjourney  #progress  #journey  #fitness  #motivation  #determined #bootcamp #lifestylechange #lasvegasliving #acefitnesslv
So here it is... I’ve found myself having the same goals for the past few years and not getting very far. I’d make a little process but nothing major. I’d want to lose 25 pounds, increase my savings account, take on healthier habits but nothing came to fruition!!! It wasn’t until around this past October that I realized, nothing was changing because my #mindset  wasn’t changing! I wasn’t changing my level of #determination  I wasn’t truly #focused  on what I needed to do and most importantly I wasn’t ready to put in the work or make the #sacrifice . So I had a pep talk with myself before relocating and said that I would truly give it all that I got to be the best version of me I can be!! And so far so great! Moral of the story, before you can make any change if you aren’t prepared #mentally  you won’t see the results! Just my opinion #live #bebetter #dobetter #elevate #goals