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    Destroy the works of the devil and it's society it has created only then as humans we can find peace within each other. #streetfamilia #fuckthesystem

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My second album “gate” the photo you see here was the path I took everyday after grinding hard playing basketball, I remember crying this one time cuz I didn’t get the results that I wanted. It can get hard sometimes it really isn’t easy but never give in and get to comfortable, always reach for something greater than your imagination. We the new generation of people need to keep are dreams alive because in a world where we are taught not to follow what we believe in or trust in someone else and to just sit back and wait, we can’t do that. I won’t allow that to happen, I want anyone who reads this to keep pushing for that dream and push for that vision I want you to not care what he or she will think of you. Be the best version of your self and show this world how much your really worth, we are all capable of changing this fucked up world so let’s start right now and chase are fucking dreams till we all die. 💕💕💕
Beep beep☎️ 🚘 just dropped a track link in bio 💯
Ask and you will receive, these where the words that I woke up with. I'm going to change this world and I know that God is with me, through out all the pain and suffering he will still be with me.
📹 3/3 #streetfamilia  🖤 18 years on this earth and my heart continues to beat so till the last hours of my life I just want anyone who reads this to know that your not alone, just live for the next day and blessings will come (trust me they will come). The world is a dark place but there will always be a light
📹 2/3 #streetfamilia  🖤 In my mind I just wanted to be erased so know one can ever think about me, I didn’t want to be in a world of pain anymore. But they never gave up on me, I was so hurt and scared in my mind but they still loved me. They healed me and gave me life for the next day, as humans we need each other, know one can fight on there own. This battle field can take your life, it’s not easy to fight by yourself.
📹 1/3 #streetfamilia  🖤 In these past few years I have been going through depression, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. It’s a constant fight to just stay alive, there’s been times where I just wanted the pain to go away, so I closed my self from everyone.