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    NINJAGO 🌪🌪🌪|| Posts random pics and sometimes memes|| I’ll try to post daily Lego pics and hauls

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Harumi: “Kai, the hothead who acts without question. Cole, the rock and foundation of the team. Jay, the joker whose mouth is as fast as lightning. Zane, the cold and calculating android.” Zane: “Nindroid, your highness.” Harumi: “And Nya, the girl. The girl I’ve wanted to be ever since I’ve heard about her. With her mastery of water and her skill that could rival any master.” Nya: “I like her.” Harumi: “And Master Lloyd, the green ninja, the youngest but most powerful protector, the chosen one. I too have lost my parents.” Jay: “Ahem...” Harumi: “But we are both not without family.” #legoninjago  #ninjagoseason8  #sonsofgarmadon  #princessharumi  #kai  #zane #cole #jay #nya #lloyd
Since we’re getting a sorta good look at the season 9 sets, the eyebrows on the bottom pic are white. What came to mind was this has to be Wu IF he doesn’t return in SOG. Then, I hope this mysterious samurai is someone new and we don’t get spoiled(which will probably happen anyway). Who do you think the golden samurai is? #legoninjago  #ninjagoseason9  #mysterioussamurai  #goldensamurai