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    Carlos Archuleta 🆗
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Antisocial for attention.
I’m a Dreamer. I have the American dream. I have earned everything I have fought and worked for. I will keep on fighting with every bit of strength I have in me; until my last breath gives up. I am not perfect, I don’t have the ideal American looks, but I am as equal as anyone else, through gender, through race, through language, I am part of the brown culture people shame for speaking Spanish in public, I am part of the brown culture who works countless of hours under the sun for minimum wage to pay for the roof on the top of our heads, I am part of the brown culture in America that’s looked down upon and not accepted equally some times. It’s time to change history. #daca  #donaldtrump  #dreamer  #dreamers 
My job called me into the office today to hand me this and to tell me that I have nothing to worry about, that if I lose my job because of the government, that they will not fire me, instead they will sue against the government stronger, and that that they will provide protection for me financially and a possible relocation is optional, all provided by amazon. Also, they will allow me to keep on working because the CEO of amazon forbid firing anyone under DACA , Thanks @jeffbezos // #daca  #donaldtrump  #governmentshutdown  #amazon