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@AriMelber on @MSNBC’s @TheBeatWithAri shrewdly pointed out that the real significance of the hush money to #StormyDaniels  is that it begs the question: what else did #Trump  & #MichaelCohen  cover up over a decade that made the boss vulnerable to blackmail by, say, #Putin ?
How sad is it that when you hear trump paid porn worker Stormy Daniels $130K hush money: 1. Not surprised 2. Really don't care how it affects Melania 3. You don't care, because it's more proof that he's the scumbag you always knew he was. 4. Makes you miss Obama even MORE.
Honestly, who gives a f**k about the fence/wall? It's less than 20b & doesn't do a damn thing. #DACA  is more important than trying to stop Trump from having a small win. I say we Dems should stfu & get a #DACADeal  #DACADreamers  We'll embarrass #Trump  later with the #peepeetape 
What was learned from the #FusionGPS  testimony: 1) #FBI  was biased, it was bias in support of #Trump . 2) The recommendation of charges by #Graham  & #Grassley  of #Steele, is based on NOTHING & should be a crime itself. 3) The #FBI used the #Dossier to corroborate other evidence