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    Crystal Tyler Milsap 💯
    #Blessed & Every 1s Jealous of My Life 💎 U.S.A. Born & Bred & Single & ONLY into MEN Love JagerRitas🍹Taco Bell🌮 & God✝️

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OK. So I'm at Baby A's last night enjoying several old-world Purple Turbo MexiRitas when this lady who used to manage me at Merry-Go-Round - her name is Brooke but we called her Angus - starts giving stink eye... She was with her family for a birthday dinner or whatever and I was there alone for Floater Fridays and apparently she felt it was "highly inappropriate" for me to yell out 'Lick Slam Suck' before each shot. TBH I don't even know if she recognized me since I had blonde cornrows and tanned a lot back in the day but let it be known now that I never liked her. She would write me up all the time for clocking in late or being intoxicated and claimed I stole merchandise when I worked evenings (I did.) Anyway, I look her dead in the eyes and say "Can I help you" and she says "Can you plz keep it down, we have children", so I said "sure." 😡 Fast forward 25 minutes later and I must've cropdusted her table ten times before her husband realized why I kept walking by. By then her entire family was acting like they were in the German gas chambers, wheezing and coughing and putting on a big show - especially the grandmother. Then Brooke started beating her chest like a silverback gorilla saying "this is why" she voted for Trump 😐 Enter management and the police. You know, some people just can't let things go. Anyway I found this pic of her on Facebook and now I'm trying to google her address 💯 #GenericAdderall  #Tequila  #JalapenoPoppers  #CropDusting  #Gassy  #WatchAndLearn #LickSlamSuck #MAGAisForMorons #PurpleMargarita #Cooties
Now is your chance, Melania. #WhenDovesCry  #Trump  #CallGirls  #PaidOff  #StormyDaniels  #SugarDaddy #Married #Cheating #Divorce #FoxNews #Libs #Snowflakes #Won #Maga #MelaniaTrump #MAGAisForMorons #Daddy #DiamondsAndPearls #SugarDaddyWanted #SugarSupport #ShitHole
I just blew $9.99 on an online dr physical 😠 need legit looking papers for my 2018 benefits dammit #GoFundMe 
Saw it on Reddit this morning and now I'm 💯 convinced Randy is in the final stages of cat-poo mind control. Every time I see his cat Dynasty she's in the doorway just looking at us like this, like she's waiting for us to die. And Randy does whatever Dynasty wants, whenever she wants it, no questions asked. Well there's only room for one ringleader in this mobile home and if anybody's gonna kill Randy it's gonna be me. Dynasty better watch her back #ToxoplasmaGondii  #CatPoop  #MindControl  #ISeeYou  #Parasite  #Hypnotized #JudgyCat #AllAboutEve