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You know you’re working for the right boss when a tweet leads to an impromptu drink special. The Stormy Daniels cocktail, $9 @brightonwharf, all weekend long.
The list keeps on growing. New to the fam, @roubaixdc in #ColumbiaHeights . Boozy brunch featuring this beautiful waffle starts this weekend. Go give them a like and a follow!
Tyler would like to open his presents now! Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!
I don’t normally eat donuts. But when I do they’re covered in bacon. 🐷
Talk about your big screen TV. Go check out @brightonwharf’s projection TV on game days. Get tipsy and go explore @thewharfdc. Oh and yes, how about giving @Brightonwharf a follow while you’re at it! 🙌🏻