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One of the questions I always get is "where do you shop?" and today, I'm finally answering that question on the blog! I'm breaking down my favorite places and brands that are my go tos, and I'm even sharing a special project I'm starting for all my beauty lovers 💋 Until then, shop this outfit here or follow me in the LIKETOKNOW.IT app. Now onto #TheBachelor  🌹🍷 #liketkit  • • • • #ltkunder50  #ltkstyletip  #blogged  #outfitinspo #nordstrom #happymonday #casualstyle #bellsleeves #wiwt #realoutfitgram #lookbook #instastyle #currentlywearing #ootd
I'm so excited for this @flattummyco tea! 🍵 After the holiday food and over indulging in one too many 🍩, it's definitely time to get back on track. I've used this system before and it works WONDERS. Whether getting in shape has been on your mind or has been part of your New Years Resolution, I'm telling you that this will help to kickstart your goals. I've linked this product in my bio. Also shop my cute workout gear, including my $70 sneaker dupes and leggings ON SALE here or in the LIKETOKNOW.IT app! #LTKfit  #liketkit  #ltkunder50  #flattummyco  #ambcollab  #flattummyher
Let's talk about my favorite duo for a super white smile. As an avid ☕️ + 🍷 drinker, my teeth can definitely become dull, and I love @biancosmile and their natural alternative to teeth whiteners that can make my smile feel super sensitive. Don't be fooled by the black powder, it makes your pearly whites sparkle and the mint flavor tastes pretty good! Order yours and get 20% off with code "NINA20." Link is up in my bio for you all, happy whitening! 😬
This amazing sweater is on sale, I'm sharing an amazing dupe for $70 sneakers and other faves on the blog today and #TheBachelor  is on. What more could I ask for in a Monday? Find my blog post linked in my bio and shop my outfit here (turtleneck is also on MAJOR clearance, only a few sizes left) and make sure you're following me in the LIKETOKNOW.IT app! #liketkit  #ltkunder100  #ltksalealert
Yay for it almost being the weekend 🙌🏼 TBH, I still wish I was snuggled in this cozy sweater enjoying all of the ☕️☕️, but I'm so close! This sweater is still on sale with an extra 10% off y'all. It's sooo good and I've gotten so many compliments on it. Find it here (comes in black too) or simply find all of my outfit details by following me in the LIKETOKNOW.IT app! #ltkstyletip  #ltksalealert  #liketkit