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I had way too many people I know lose their dogs this past weekend, so when Ember got super sick last night I immediately thought the worst. Thankfully she seems to be doing okay and on the mend after our vet visit - but never take your furbabies for granted 🖤🐾
If you’re wondering how day 5 is going over here, refer to picture above. Yep, that’s an opened jar of peanut butter underneath my counter mixed in with the cleaning supplies 🤦🏼‍♀️ The only reason I found it was because I picked up a package on the front porch to bring inside, and red marker that was on it bled all over the front of my white shirt, so I was looking for dish soap to soak the stain in 🤷🏼‍♀️ • You guys, TGIF!! Exhausted is an understatement! The brain fog is real. Haha! Not letting it get to me though because I have #goals . It’s the first week, of a brand new program, and getting my body accustomed to a brand new nutrition plan. Exhaustion is going to happen. But I KNOW that it will only go up from here, because I have my fit fam doing this with me to help push me through. I’m already starting to feel stronger, leaner and HEALTHIER and it’s ONLY day 5!! I’m so excited to see what the next 75 days have in store for me! • So for now, I’m just going laugh it off and embrace the hot mess express that I am because #ImDoingHardThings ! 👊🏼
Pre-workout Meal: Breakfast Burrito 🌯😋 #DeprivedAF