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Idiotic #NancyPelosi  comments that this is crumbs for the lower and middle class while she enjoys her $500 dinner in a fancy San Francisco restaurant with her multi-million dollar husband. Raising someone’s wages by over 10% with up to $1,000 bonuses AND cutting their taxes is not favoring the top 1%! #Trump  #DonaldTrump  #TrumpForPresident  #USA  #Trump2020 #America #Conservative #RealNews
As the map shows Pennsylvania is mostly Republican across the Keystone State except in the metro areas of Pittsburgh in the western part and the large Philadelphia metro in southeastern PA. Arrows indicate changes in voting patterns as Democrats gained more success around Philadelphia and State College in the center of the state where Penn State is with over 40,000 college students. Republicans had larger gains though in northeastern PA where Trump gained almost an 80,000 vote turnaround compared to Romney in 2012. Another huge gain that is undervalued is that Trump flipped Erie County in the northwest corner of PA from a 8 point advantage for Obama to an 8 point favorite for Trump making it a large 16% turnaround. People are already saying that Trump can not win Pennsylvania again. That he’s not popular around the larger cities and that Hillary was unable to recruit large voter turnout in the inner cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Don’t believe the Fake Polls because no one gave him a shot in 2016 and they’re not going to give him a shot in 2020! #Trump  #DonaldTrump  #TrumpForPresident  #USA  #Trump2020  #America #Conservative #RealNews #2016Election #Pennsylvania #HillaryClinton
My Thoughts on Amnesty for DACA and Immigration Reform If Democrats can not agree to full border security and the building of a wall on the Southern border than there can be no DACA. DACA to me is a bs program for Democrats to gain votes in key states. If all DACA immigrants were fully legalized and given the ability to vote, that would add over 200,000 new voters in Texas and over 130,000 in Florida with almost none of the voters likely to support Republicans. This meaning Florida could become a swing state leaning more for the Democrats and Texas once a solid GOP safe state that could turn into a swing state. Besides DACA, we must eliminate the lottery system that does not judge immigrants based on a merit or skills system. A merit based system would be a huge improvement to cut the # of immigrants coming in as well as improve the selection of those immigrants. Immigrants would be selected based on a point system and the better qualities they had that fit into American society, the more likely they would be accepted. The opportunity to immigrate to America should not be a simple choice or a right, it should be based on how they will fit into our society! #Trump  #DonaldTrump  #TrumpForPresident  #USA  #Trump2020  #America #Conservative #RealNews